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SafetyTat will give you peace of mind!

March 1, 2011 by · 1 Comment 


Have you ever lost your child – even a short period of time – and wondered how you can protect them when visiting an attraction park of theme park?   SafetyTat is here for the rescue!

SafetyTat is a cool temporary tattoo where you can write your contact information in case your child gets lost in the crowd.

I discovered SafetyTat more than a year ago and had the privilege to review their product twice so far.   I love the idea of being able to put a temporary tattoo on a child when visiting a place where it could be easy to lose them.   Don’t take me wrong.   I usually don’t lose my kids but just in case one of them would wander and we don’t realize it, it is great to know that somehow, our phone number is marked on him/her and somebody will call us.

TORONTOZOOSAFETYTATBack in September 2010, we visited the Toronto Zoo and we were able to put our SafetyTat to good use.    We rapidly applied some SafetyTat tattoos on the two youngest who would have trouble to give a phone number if they would get lost.    My son, Jérémy, is showing his SafetyTat tattoo on his arm during the visit at the zoo.  The product is easy to install and last for the longest time in the world.   A week later, while we were in Sudbury, the tattoos were still there.   I was impressed to say the least.

Just for having the peace of mind that my kids can show their arms to someone and we can get a call if they get lost is priceless for us.    We were able to have more fun and not worry as much in a big crowd like the Toronto Zoo.   Now as a parent, I also made sure that they knew were to seek help if they would get lost.    Having the tattoos is helpful but at the same time we are never too safe.   We told our kids that the first people they should seek would be a zoo staff which wore a beige shirt.

I find this product very creative and innovative.   They even have a fun pack for the zoo with the animals on it. I sure hope that one day they will come up with designs with a Disney and an aquarium theme!  *grin*ExamplesSafetyTats

SafetyTat is especially great for parents who have a special need child.    I can see enormous advantages to have such a tattoo on a child that has not the ability to talk and remember their parent phone number.

SafetyTat safety tattoos are great child id for: theme parks, amusement parks, shopping malls, airports, fairs, festivals, traveling, museums, zoos, stadiums, playgrounds, site seeing, field tripsdrop-off birthday parties and play dates, first day of school, scout trips, medical, health and allergy alerts.. Anywhere you have kids in crowds!

SafetyTat Tattoos can be purchased directly from their website at


One Response to “SafetyTat will give you peace of mind!”
  1. micheal says:

    What a great idea to keep our kids safe,something so simple also great advise thanks for sharing this

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