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Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Yup, that’s a really big hole all right!

March 23, 2011 by · 14 Comments 


Grand Canyon blue and greenIn case you’ve been hiding under a rock, the Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders of the world.  I personally think my new iPad 2 also qualifies, but that’s another blog. There were three things that stood out to me at the Grand Canyon last weekend:

  1.  1. How dumb people can be
  2. 2. How big that hole really is
  3. 3. How great it is to have a terrific RV park right inside the Park.

 First, I guess it isn’t nice to call people “dumb” and I’m trying to be nicer the older I get,  so let me think ….how about “careless?” Hmm…maybe “suicidal.” No wait, I got it, “reckless.” And maybe “reckless” would be OK if little kids don’t count on reckless people to raise them, but these people at the extreme edge of the Canyon had kids. And they were scared.

 I’ll not post the photo I took of the blonde 30 something woman standing literally half an inch from the edge of a rock cropping that, if even stronger gusts were to blow, would have sent her over the edge into the abyss. She stood on loose rock, kind of  like shale (I’m not a geologist, so apologies if that’s a poor analogy). She faced the sun, arms open wide for the husband’s camera shot, doing a ‘wanna be’ Native American thing,  repeatedly staggering as huge wind gusts blew at her. Her kids were where all people should be, on the path. They were crying “Careful, Mommy!” I prayed, to no avail, for a Park Ranger to come and haul her out of there. My husband dragged me away from my impulse to go set her straight, and thankfully she was not mentioned in the next day’s paper. My husband also thought the guy may have had a huge insurance policy on his wife. The guy really did yell, ” Just a little further back, honey.” No joke.

Grand Canyon Pink Skies

 Second, that’s one really dazzling, vibrant hole. Have you been to the Grand Canyon? There’s nothing I can add to pictures you’ve seen, except to me, it’s proof of a living God and that He is an artist of the first magnitude. You just can’t finish life here and not see the Grand Canyon. It wouldn’t be right.

 Third, if you’re traveling in an RV,  check out the  “Trailer Village Campground”,  just inside the Grand Canyon National Park’s South Rim. It is close to the everything: the Canyon itself, mule rides, short and not –so-short hikes, and the  Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Now, Trailer Village Campground isn’t perfect. It was kind of crowded and this is only March, more functional-than-pretty (our actual site was pretty, though. See photo below) , and you don’t want to arrive after dark. It’s not easy to find. That said, however, its location is unbeatable (really close to everything on the South Rim and all the action), it has full hook ups with 50 amp service, and best of all, it’s right on the public shuttle stop that takes you everyplace. It’s clean, it’s simple, it worked for us.

Grand Canyon RV park

The only bad thing about the Grand Canyon was the lady who figured a great photo opp could be worth making orphans of her children  (oops…wasn’t going to go there seeing as how I’m trying to be nicer and all) on the edge of the cliff. The Grand Canyon is a joy.

Happy Tales to you and yours,



14 Responses to “Patti’s Saga of an RV Rookie: Yup, that’s a really big hole all right!”
  1. Alan says:

    There are truly a lot of dumb people – I remember when I was a very little kid – my Mom, Dad, two sisters and I took a vacation to the Southwest – Grand Canyon, Carlsbad, all the stops.

    When we were at the Grand Canyon there was a family with what looked like a dozen kids running all around the cliffs. At the time they only had a rail made of iron pipe to keep people from falling over the edge. The kids were taking turns grabbing the upright pipes which supported the rail and were swinging around the pipe, over the cliff then back to solid ground. Their parents were hardily paying attention – several times they told them to stop but off course they continued. I thought my Dad was going to have a heart attack and finally he loaded us all up in the ’51 Plymouth — my Dad had enough of the near misses for all the little kids.

    On our way out of the parking area the other Dad was racing towards one of the emergency phone boxes – I don’t recall exactly what my Dad said but I understood even at that very young age that it was dumb what those kids were doing and even dumber were their parents for allowing it to happen.

    I never found out what happened to the other family that day but I hope the kids learned something that day so if they were fortunate to have their own children they would handle similiar circumstances a little smarter.

  2. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Patti,

    So, you saw the big hole in the ground; a ditch really!!!!! AIN’T IT PRETTY AND THANK THE CREATOR
    FOR IT!!!!! Some people are IDIOTS !!!!!!! I’M NOT P.C.!!!!!!! MAYBE SHE WAS ON DRUGS!!!
    Thank you, for the beautiful descriptive article, except for the idiot part… ( I hope her kids don’t have lasting scary thoughts & ‘nite-horses’ from her doing that!!!!!)

    I am so glad y’all FINALLY got started on your ‘journey’ and am anticipating lots of stories!!!!A8

  3. Patti Faustini says:

    Hi Alan. That’s an interesting childhood memory. I guess it’s proof that bizarre things make an impression on us, especially when we’re young. You had an early “How Not to Parent” lesson!

    Happy Tales and it’s nice hearing from you,


  4. Patti Faustini says:

    Hey there Butterbean! Yes, we saw the big hole. I had actually visited the Grand Canyon with my parents when I was 14. I remember being impressed, and considering I knew absolutely everything about everything at that age, that’s saying something!

    We’re still not sure how we’ll be touring (probably not full-time, as things currently look) but we’re RVing a lot, and yes, many more stories to come. Take care.

    Happy Tales to your and yours,


  5. poboypcb says:

    Some years ago I hiked from North Rim to South Rim, not just once, but on four occasions. The kids, including my two sons, and their friends, all now with adult children, (and I) still talk of the beauty of the canyon. We refer to the unbelievable scenery both daytime and hiking from Indian Garden campground to South Rim with a full moon. Only God can make things like that!

  6. Patti Faustini says:

    Hi Poboypcb, and thanks for writing. What beautiful memories of the Grand Canyon you and your family share. Do you recall how long it took you to hike from the North to South Rim?

    Happy Tales,


  7. I set my eyes upon it 4 years ago and I hope it wil not be my last. I will have to return for the photo opportunities that are not to be missed!

  8. Patti Faustini says:

    Hi Karen, and how great to hear from you. Yes, returning to the Grand Canyon for new photo opps is a great idea. Hopefully, you won’t be the next lady on the ledge!

    Happy Tales,


  9. G Finley says:

    I have been to the Grand Canyon 5 times since 1989 and I would go back in a heart beat. I would love to be there in the winter. That has to be beautiful in the winter. I would encourage everyone to go there at least once in their life and spend at least 2 days there. Everyone needs to see a sunset there. I have never been able to see a sunrise. That is my goal so that means I need to make another trip there.
    And yes I have seen the “not so bright people” doing crazy and not safe things on the edge of the trails and rims. People amaze me sometimes. But, thanks for sharing the beautiful winter photos. Keep the pics coming.

  10. Patti Faustini says:

    Hi G Finley, and how great to hear from you! Yes, the Grand Canyon is beautiful this time of year, as well as earlier in the winter season. I hope you get to go again soon. And thanks for the comments about the photos.

    Happy Tales,


  11. Jim Carnduff says:

    I have been to the Grand Canyon 4 times and have seen the same DUMB acts you mention .Some people have no idea how quickly tragedy can strike..

  12. KenPaul says:

    I also noticed several foolish people when I visited The Canyon. This had me wondering about how many people have fallen to their deaths. Fortunately, it’s not that many considering the number of visitors.

    From Wikipedia’s Grand Canyon page:

    “About 600 deaths have occurred in the Grand Canyon since the 1870s [...] Of the fatalities, 53 have resulted from falls”

  13. Patti Faustini says:

    Hey Ken, nice hearing from you! Yep…like you, I researched the deaths at Grand Canyon. Pretty amazing what people do for entertainment. Reminds me of Glacier Park, my former stomping grounds. Most of the deaths come from coming too close to water, even though everyone thinks its Grizzlies.

    Happy Tales,



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