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The Stowe Experience–Part 4

January 30, 2011 by · 2 Comments 


Stowe Mountain Resort is another must-see stop in this northern Vermont town. The Resort is a place to see no matter what season you visit Stowe as there are activities taking place at all times of the year.

Coming down the Alpine Slide

Coming down the Alpine Slide

Of course the busiest season is the winter downhill ski season when skiers and snowboarders and their families populate the hills, shops and restaurants with their frenetic athletic pursuits. But for the RVing family or couple, a visit in the summer or fall is worth considering. The Resort has invested a significant amount of money and effort into developing activities for summer and fall visitors, all of which our family thoroughly enjoyed!

Our first stop had to be the Alpine Slide. Once parked, a quick walk into the main chalet allowed us to purchase tickets for this and several other rides and activities. It is definitely worth buying the package deals as no one will want to stop at just one ride!

The Alpine Slide was definitely the highlight of our trip to the Resort, treating us to an exhilarating 2,300 foot ride down Spruce Peak. Guests are carried up to the top of the mountain by gondola, then lined up by twos, then situated in a wheeled contraption similar to a go-cart, or a toboggan on wheels. Once released, the carts race down the mountain in a series of twists and turns. Of course they do have brakes, for which I was relieved, but these were my eventual undoing. I would have won the “race” against my husband had I not braked accidentally right near the end!

At the bottomWe all rode the Slide several times, the kids becoming more and more competitive with each other as time went on. We were all sorry when we were out of tickets! After the Alpine Slide, we moved on to a rock wall the kids enjoyed climbing and then it was on to the Resort Gift Shop where we encountered some amazing out-of-season deals on winter wear and skis. We witnessed a woman purchasing an entire ski ensemble—skis, boots, bindings and poles—for her teenaged daughter at an amazing bargain price. Out daughter came away with a beautiful European-made ski jacket at a fraction of its original cost and I happened upon a cut and very useful daypack that I couldn’t live without and which I have already used for several day hikes.

Ryan and Meghan climbing the Rock Wall

Ryan and Meghan climbing the Rock Wall

Another part of the Resort is six story Stowe Mountain Lodge, with its 312 guest rooms. Even if you are camping, it is worth a walk through to check out this European style lodge. Also, for 2011, HGTV is also providing their Dream Home Charity Event in Stowe, VT, another structure definitely worth seeing.

So, no matter the season, Stowe Mountain Resort is worth the trip. Terry and I have plans to return with our little camper in the fall when the changing leaves paint the forest exquisite shades of red, yellow and orange. It is sure to be a sight to behold!

For more information about camping in Vermont, browse Woodall’s listings of Vermont RV camping resorts.


2 Responses to “The Stowe Experience–Part 4”
  1. John Webber says:

    I don’t know how you will travel when you return to Stowe, but if you are coming from the south I reccomend starting in Bennington go east to Mount Snow then take Route 100 all the way north to Stowe. It is a small road, but manageable with a a large RV. When you leave go north then west and take the ferry across Lake Champlain, You will be right on the Canadian boarder. Head south on the Northway (interstate 87) with a side trip to Lake Placid on state route 73.
    Then quickly get out of New York State, we have some of the highest taxes on nearly everything. Luckily, they don’t tax the scenery, the Adirondacks have some of the best in the country. If you are coming from the west, just reverse the directions.

  2. Diane Berry says:

    Thank you John–these directions (and the scenery you describe) sound terrific. I have printed them out and added them to my travel file for future reference and intend to follow them. Thanks again!

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