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The Scoop On Regional Ice Creams

January 30, 2011 by · 6 Comments 


Let’s talk about ice cream today. Are you a fan? I don’t seem to be eating as much ice cream as I used to, but on Friday I used my vintage secondhand White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer to crank out a sublime batch of homemade all natural vanilla ice cream.

While admiring my “million dollar” concoction, I began to ponder those small mom and pop regional  ice cream shops that we’ve visited  around the country.  When we go to visit my family in  Maryland, we always go to the Annapolis Ice Cream Shop, which is located right there on Main Street. It’s a small  place with lots of character. And, best of all, they make all of the ice cream themselves.

Last summer, when we were driving back to Seattle from Yellowstone National Park, we stopped in Deer Lodge,  Montana.  While strolling around,  I was drawn to a charming little ice cream shop called Model-T. Inside the tiny shop, we found a wonderful selection of ice cream made by Montana’s Wilcoxson’s ice cream company.  Locally owned and operated since 1912, this family run business boasts a nice selection of old-fashioned ice creams. While perusing the choices, my daughter and I simply couldn’t resist the huckleberry ice cream.The purple ice cream was rich and full of fruit.  Unfortunately, we learned that  company only distributes regionally in  Montana and Northern Wyoming,  so my huckleberry ice cream is merely a taste memory now.  If I want more, I’ll have to head east on Interstate 90 to get some!

Have you ever found an awesome local ice cream while traveling the highways and byways? If so, do tell!


6 Responses to “The Scoop On Regional Ice Creams”
  1. Bill Guy says:

    We found little place in Canada on the New Brunswick side north of the Prince Edward Island Bridge. I can’t remember the name. As we entered the owner said she had just made some rhubarb ice cream. We asked he how it was and she said “I dont know I just made it up.” We tried it and it was great.. Now we are from the deep south and had never seen rhubarb until 10 years ago but we loved it.
    Otherwise, my favorite is cherry amaretto made several years ago by Blue Bell. Unfortunately they don’t seem to make it now and their web site didnt provide a way of contacting them to ask why.

  2. butterbean carpenter says:

    Howdy Melissa,
    The reason yours was so good!!! THE ‘OLD’ WHITE MOUNTAIN FREEZER!!!! (if it was the hand-
    cranked version!) It’s the wooden bucket!!! Huckleberry??? How did she get them from the bears??
    As for Blue Bell, they make something one day and something else the next and whatever the boss
    thinks up the next!! They know people will buy anything as long as it says Blue Bell on it.. That old
    cow has sold a billion pints!!! ITZ ALL GOOD!!!!

  3. steve hutch says:

    there is a place on the north shore of manitoulin island, right at the swing bridge that makes the best ice cream i ever ate, don’t remember the name of it.but you can’t miss it. there are only two ways on and off the island by car, by ferry on the south side, and the bridge on the north side.

  4. A great place in Washington is at Washington State University. They have a dairy school there that makes great ice cream and some very tasty “Cougar Gold” cheese.

  5. MrOak says:

    This is not a little undiscovered ice cream stand. I have been told it is the biggest ice cream stand in the world. I can’t verify that statement but Kimball Farm ice cream stand in Westford MA is the best I have ever experienced. They make all the ice cream on site and have been for a long time (more than 40 years that I know of). In New England home made ice cream is king and every town has one or more home made ice cream stands. Kimball’s is a legend. It’s big with 20 or more service windows. They have branched out from ice cream to have all kinds of food and entertainment options. The ice cream is very good (I think the best). You get a large amount for a reasonable price. It’s always fun to watch a newbie see the first person go by with a Kimball’s special or banana sundae. They are huge.
    Check out the website..



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