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Billy the Kid and Laura Bush

January 14, 2011 by · 2 Comments 


As we travel from Albuquerque to the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, we have some favorite places that we like to stop.  One of those is the Hacienda RV Resort in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  We always try to ensure we are there for the Friday evening margaritas (okay, our real goal is to ensure we go through El Paso on a Sunday, but that seems to always ensure we are there for margaritas).

Hacienda RV Resort

(Photo Caption: Hacienda RV Resort)

  We were pleasantly surprised that they had a “sale” going on so that our site was less expensive than last time through.  While we always enjoy a lower price, we did miss the morning breakfast and paper that we had experienced in the past at this park.  They shared their reasoning for the changes and since only 20% of their guests took advantage of the breakfast and paper, it made sense to eliminate them and offer lower prices to all.  I always appreciate hearing the information used for decisions, and even remember filling out the survey on our last trip.  The service at the park was unchanged, so we still enjoyed our stay.

There are two things that we always do while staying here: the Las Cruces Farmers and Crafts Market and Old Mesilla.  The market in Las Cruces has an excellent array of produce and crafts from those who have been in the area a long time and offer traditional Southwestern items to those who are new to the area and bring new things with them.  It is also fun to see the large number of performers who are also in the area and entertain you as you shop.  One of the things we noticed was that there were a number of vendors selling kettle corn—only one of the vendors had a very long line to purchase their kettle corn, while the others only seemed to sell a few.  We asked someone in the line why they would wait for this one, and they said “it just tastes better.”  You cannot argue with that—so, if you are there, keep looking for the vendor with the line.  My one disappointment (since I was on my way out of New Mexico and wanted one last green chile cheeseburger) was that the only vendor selling a burger did not offer green chile (and him being so near Hatch, where the best green chile in the world is grown).

Organ Mountains

Organ Mountains

We also enjoy shopping and eating at the plaza in Mesilla.  There are many shops around this historic plaza where the Gadsen Purchase was signed (making New Mexico part of the US) and Billy the Kid was tried and sentenced to hang.  This is an interesting little town with a rich and colorful history, and remains active with artisans, shops, food, and even a theater.  On this particular trip I noticed something a little out of place—a man wearing a suit coat.  Since it caught my eye, I looked a little closer and noticed the cord coming out of his ear.  That is when I looked to see who he was following, and also noticed a few other people who seemed a little “out of place.”  Since I gave it away in the title, you already know that the person who walked right past me was Laura Bush.  She did some shopping and then had lunch in Mesilla.  She was very friendly and was allowing several people to take pictures with her.

For me, this just shows that you really never know what you are going to find when you are living the RV lifestyle.


2 Responses to “Billy the Kid and Laura Bush”
  1. Sam says:

    We have been going to and thru Las Cruces (if we are within 100 miles or so we make the detour) for at least 40 years and probably longer. The place that we must go is the La Posta mexican restaurant in Old Mesilla in our opinion it is a must do place. Thanks for the note about the Farmers and craft market.

  2. Hoby says:

    Sam, we also enjoy La Posta–great food and great history. And, everyone should at least walk into the Double Eagle to see the decor ;)

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