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A Night on Lum’s Pond

January 5, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 


Our journey east two years back led us to spend a night in Delaware. We really enjoy intermixing full service RV parks with a few more sparsely equipped state and national park campgrounds just to mix things up a bit. In searching for a place to camp over our Delaware night, the perfect destination appeared to be Lum’s Pond Campground.

Camping at Lum's Pond State ParkIt was perfectly situated to allow us to cover a fair amount of ground the day before our stay, as well as being located quite near the Delaware high point which we were planning to “climb” the following day. The climb would be anticlimactic as it is a drive up high point so once the car is parked, we were pretty much done!

The Delaware High Point

"Summiting" the High Point of Delaware

We arrive at the State Park Campground with vaccination certificates for our three dogs in hand, (who accompanied us at no extra charge I might add) only to find that the park office had just closed. We managed to track down a ranger just leaving for the day who told us just to go to our reserved site and to check in the following morning. Arriving at our chosen site #24, we find another camper parked and beginning to set up. Upon questioning him, he tells us he was told by the ranger to just choose a spot. We explain about our reservation and when he reads our email confirmation that we are to be in site 24, he agrees to pack up and chose again. A crisis averted!


The restroom across the field

We set up and settle in to relax after a reasonably long day on the road in congested east coast traffic. Our site is located just across a large grassy area, about the size of two football fields, from the restroom. On our first visit to the “facilities”, we all, including the doges, enjoy a quick jog across the field to loosen up our muscles tight from traveling. Later in the day, after we make and eat dinner, we enjoy throwing tennis balls for the puppies who scamper across the field with joy.

As is typical of state park facilities, while the sites were spacious and tree-covered, the accommodations left a bit to be desired. While the guys had plenty of hot water, my daughter and I enjoyed showers that were bracingly cold. But at least we had showers which were a welcome surprise!

We sleep deeply in our quiet surroundings, though we do make use of our air-conditioner due to the 92 degree heat. I’m sure that assisted with our rest! The following morning, I relax outside while supervising the leashed puppies who are again scampering about. We have decided we will get going a little more slowly this morning, as opposed to the last two days, when we were up and about at the crack of dawn. We also eliminated one high point from our trip, due to the fact that it would have taken us several hundred miles out of our way at that point. To make the rest of our stops, we choose to simply save that one for another year. Guess we will need to head east again soon!

A bit later we are on our way again, leaving the tiny state of Delaware. But for our purposes, Lum’s Pond State Park suited our needs just fine!

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