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Welcoming Winter

December 12, 2010 by · 2 Comments 


Many avid RVers dread the coming of winter when the cold north winds begin to blow and flurries begin to descend, assuming their fun is done for the season. However, my family and I welcome the coming of this new season with open arms as it gives us the opportunity to take the time to engage in different types of RV-focused activities. Winter brings with it a slower pace and the time to begin envisioning your travels for the next camping season. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Travel BooksPlanning destinations for next year—Winter is the perfect time to spend hours, or perhaps days, perusing the internet for destinations you may want to visit next summer. In the winter, when our pace is less frenetic, we can take the time to truly get to know the best aspects of a potential vacation spot and to plan our route and activities wisely. Once that has been decided, it is the perfect time to….
  • Woodalls Campground DirectoriesCurl up in front of a toasty fire with Woodall’s Campground Directory. This will allow you to see both the most popular and the least known campgrounds in the area you will be visiting. You will also be able to compare rankings and features of each RV park so that you will have the time to make informed choices you will be pleased with when you arrive next summer. When these plans are made on the spur of the moment or in the midst of preparing to leave on a trip, they are often not as well considered and important information can be overlooked, such as whether there is a separate fee for pets or whether your favorite activities are available at the campground you have chosen. This is the time of year to take your time and do it right.
  • Prepare your body for the activities you have planned next year. If you are planning to undertake some type of physical challenge in your travels, winter is the perfect time to begin preparing your body for the task at hand. As we love to summit as many peaks during the summer as we can fit into our schedule, we spend many of our winter Treadmillhours on an incline trainer getting our bodies accustomed to climbing. Last winter I had done some reading on climbing written by an individual who had climbed a steep peak a few years before, who shared that he had prepared himself for his summer activities by also walking backwards on a treadmill, as often the climb DOWN a mountain can be even more challenging than the ascent, due to the strain on leg muscles. Therefore, I spent several afternoons last winter walking backwards uphill, preparing my muscles for the descent and feel that was helpful to me during our climbs this past year. Of course, if you have never done this, you must be careful to hold on as it is easy to get flung off the treadmill and into whatever lies behind it in your home; in my case, a window.

Look at winter as simply an invitation to engage in new types of RV activities. Other ways to do this might be incorporating your interest in camping and travel in the gifts you select for family members or the ones you request for yourself. If you choose, you can simply enjoy this time of year as another aspect of the RV lifestyle that may just involve less actual travel and more planning.

For more information on campgrounds, check out Woodall’s 2010 guide to camping.…Enjoy!


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