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Join Affinity Events at one of our family fun RV shows

Affinity Events is ready for another RV season with a vast selection of the newest RV models and camping supplies available at RV shows throughout the country. The 2011 spring RV show season kicks off during the first week of January in Greensboro, North Carolina, with the 22nd annual North Carolina RV & Camping Show,

Extended Stay and Seasonal Camping Campgrounds

Many campers love to spend a week camping, which is what many campgrounds are set up for. However, other campers have the desire for extended stay camping, meaning weeks, months and possibly even a year at their favorite campground. This is also called “seasonal camping” because it often coincides with the seasons of the year. Woodall’s specializes in extended stay camping, inspecting hundreds of locations every year.

Get Freedom and Flexibility Through On-Site Ownership of a Park Model at a Campground

Park models are recreational vehicles that are intended to stay in one location for an extended period of time. They are not the kind of recreational vehicle that can be moved around regularly. A great addition to traditional RVing is to purchase a park model, park it in your favorite campground or desired destination, hook it up to utilities and enjoy the comfort and convenience of a wonderful spot that will always be ready for you.