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Kid Friendly Food, With Little to No Cleanup

December 10, 2010 by · 7 Comments 


family around campfireLet’s go camping! I asked my kids what they looked forward to the most when we went camping, the answer was simple. As a matter of fact we could do this at home in the backyard. It turns out that their favorite part of camping is the campfire, the hot-dogs and the marshmallows! Well, I like the marshmallows too. But, even kids get tired of hot-dogs for dinner.

Kid friendly food is a must when camping. (And, Mom friendly doesn’t hurt either! After all, we are on vacation too!) I have found a great way to have fun and get some nutritious food down my children. There is something about preparing  it your self that makes it better. I give them cubes of chicken breast, pieces of pineapple, small onions, small tomatoes, sliced bell peppers, sliced zucchini and skewers. Then, we cook them over the campfire, rotating often. (I have a special shish kabob rack which makes this a cinch) The best part of this great meal is that there is almost no clean up. If I plan ahead and have the room in my cooler I marinate the chicken in a 50/50 mixture of soy sauce and Italian dressing. (That is hands down my favorite marinade.)

When I really don’t want a big mess to clean up, I make “Chili boats.”  Another food I can make at the campfire. First, I peel the labels of a couple of cans of chili, then; Open and put the can on or beside the campfire. (Stirring occasionally)  While it is Dog relaxing on loungerheating up, I open individual serving bags of corn chips and a package of shredded cheese. When the chili is hot we pour the chili over the corn chips in the bag sprinkle with cheese and serve. No dishes! (Well, there are the forks but, we can always use disposable.)

I am always looking for new easy meals for camping. Vacations should be relaxing! What do you cook around the campfire when you don’t want a mess?


7 Responses to “Kid Friendly Food, With Little to No Cleanup”
  1. Pat Malone says:

    Hi – Where can one find the Shish-kabob rack you spoke of. I love your suggestions for kid (AND MOM) friendly meals!

  2. RA Manseau says:

    Pat Malone, Hi, I found that gem at a local drug store. In the section where they sell the BBQ tools. It was really inexpensive and I have gotten my moneys worth 10x over.

  3. F.Delphi says:

    I am planning for a camp with my family. Your ideas of food to cook helps.

  4. M.Charlot says:

    Thanks for the ideas. It helps me with my planning for the coming camp.

  5. Mel. SI says:

    Nice blog! Your blog is informative. Thanks!


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