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Dinette mod

December 6, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 


When we found our perfect toy hauler, it came with a standing table and chairs.  That didn’t work for our family, so we had the sellers replace it with a hide-a-bed couch, and we just did without a dining table or dinette.  It really wasn’t a big deal while we were somewhere where the weather was nice – we mostly ate outside at the picnic table anyway.  But as the weather cooled and we were inside more and eating in the fifth wheel more, and as the kids’ school load increased, the need for some sort of a multi-use table increased.  
picture of couch before modBeing married to an incredibly handy man, who is used to my honey-do projects, I asked him if there was some way that we could incorporate a table into the living room layout.  He decided that the best place to put one would be the small slide on the kitchen side of the toy hauler.  The guys removed the small hide-a-bed that was in that area, and set to work to build some benches.
The benches were very easy to build, just some 3/4 in plywood and one inch material for cleats.  After the benches were completed, they sat forlornly for a few weeks while our custom table was being built.  If I was going to have a table, I wanted one that more than 4 people could sit at, so we commissioned a local cabinet builder to build a table that could extend longer than the 40 inch depth of the slide.  The table that he built for us is 42 inches deep, with 2  12″ extensions.  (note to self, next time don’t forget to tell the builder you would like them stained to match the rest of the TH!).

roughed in benchesWhile I probably could have sewn the cushions, we asked at a local RV dealership if they knew any upholstery shops that did RV cushions.  They gave us the name of the man that does work for them, and my hubby went to talk to him.  He gave us an all inclusive price, but we decided that we could save money buy purchasing the supplies at a local fabric shop (on sale and with coupons) and just have him sew them. installing table Buying the fabric and cushions ourselves and paying him just to sew them saved us nearly $100 from the all inclusive price; and it was worth the $120 to have him sew them for us and me not have to worry about making sure it got done.

I am not sure how we survived 9 months without a kitchen table.  completed dinetteThe new dinette gets used all the time!  It was an easy mod to build, and there are numerous online sites that you can purchase surplus RV dinette tables from.  Replacement dinette cushions can be found fairly inexpensively on ebay or from an RV scrap yard.  After having done one, next time I would have the cushions and table before we built the benches to ensure a good fit.  If you have any ?s, feel free to ask – I love to share how we have made our RV home :)

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