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Clark County Shooting Range, Las Vegas, NV

December 17, 2010 by · 2 Comments 


Last month, we had the opportunity to visit the Clark County Shooting Range near Las Vegas, NV.  It was such a neat experience, that I wanted to share it with others that might be interested in this sort of an outing.
camping area at the rangeA very family friendly destination, the range is set up with 80 very nice full-hookup sites, and several shooting areas for the different types of shooting offered.  The rv sites are located across from the shotgun range, and while they do not offer any shade or grass, the sites are level and neat.  In fact the entire complex is immaculately clean.  And the staff is both friendly and knowledgeable.
pistol rangeThe shooting range has a separate center/area for pistol and rifle shooting.  We shot at this range as we had not brought any shotguns along with us.  The cost to shoot is $7/day/person for the rifle range (but kids 17 and under are FREE!), and $8 per 25 birds on the shotgun range.  There were actually quite a few kids there with their dads, and the staff was very kid friendly.   When you shoot for the first time, you are required to watch a 4 minute safety video which explains all of the range’s safety rules, including the requirement that each person wear ear and eye protection whether they are shooting or not. Ear and eye protection are available for purchase at the range, but ammo is NOT unless you are renting one of their guns, and then you may buy ammo for that gun only. After being assigned a shooting table, you are free to shoot to your heart’s content.  There are breaks every 15 minutes, when the shooters are allowed to reset their targets.  The entire range is very safety oriented.
In order to camp at the range, you must be shooting at the range, but keep in mink that the shooting ranges are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays for maintenance, so that would be a great time to get out and check out the surrounding area (there is a Walmart and Costco very close). 
We enjoyed our 3 day stay at the shooting complex very much, and hope to return before too long!  Definitely a family friendly destination if your family enjoys sport shooting!


2 Responses to “Clark County Shooting Range, Las Vegas, NV”
  1. Howard Downs says:

    Hopefully everyone will get their ammunication shot up before the feds come out to collect your guns. I don’t see how they can let us keep them now since the last two shootings (Tucon,Arizona and the California school) already in 2011 and it has not made it thourgh the first month yet. As the saying goes “a few idiots make it impossible for the rest of us”.

  2. Michael Jackson says:

    We stayed there at the Clark County Shooting Range for a few days last Oct 2010 and just loved how big the place is and the price is great. It is a little far from the town center but well worth it, anyway we plan on going there again soon.

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