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What Is Your Favorite Campground Cookery Tool?

November 29, 2010 by · 6 Comments 


With the gift giving season upon us, I am wondering about your favorite campground cookery tool.  We have a hefty stash of campground cookware that we’ve purchased over the years. Some items have been purchased new at full price. Other items, such as many of our cast iron Dutch ovens, have been unearthed at thrift stores and estate sales.

I honestly don’t know how many Dutch ovens we have, but I’d say it is at least six or seven. I’d venture to guess that the Dutch oven is my husband’s favorite tool for campground cookery. He loves buidling a fire and then  making cobblers and crisps in the massive ovens. Over this past holiday weekend, we used our massive  Lewis and Clark Anniversary Dutch oven to cook, reheat and  serve a  vat of homemade baked beans to a crowd of Boy Scouts and their parents. 

Admittedly, the ovens can get a bit heavy when they are loaded with food, but they are incredibly versatile and reliable. So, what’s your favorite tool for campground cooking?


6 Responses to “What Is Your Favorite Campground Cookery Tool?”
  1. Frances Ann Giron says:

    The greatest invention is the little metal chimney to start a charcoal fire. We do not like gas grills and had tried the charcoal with the starter added and it had a funny smell and gave the meat a funny taste. These chimney’s are available at discount stores and all it takes to start a charcoal fire is a few sheets of newspaper. What a fnd.

  2. Patti says:

    I’ve never used a dutch oven. If I’m going to buy one for our upcoming full time RV life, what do you suggestions? Cast iron seems so…heavy! But maybe that’s the whole point. Any good ones in addition to cast iron? Thanks,Melissa. Patti

  3. F.Delphi says:

    I have not done camping before but my 2011 resolution is to go camping. I am planning to get a food dehydrator to dehydrate my foods. Will look into Dutch oven as well. Thanks!

  4. M.Charlot says:

    My family loves camping as it is the time that we get away from our daily hectic schedule. Have not used the Dutch oven which you mention before. Maybe next time.

  5. F. Delphi says:

    Will try it out. Thanks!

  6. This may sound a litle strange, but one of our favorites is a wok. Can be used in the coals of a fire, on a BBQ, or propane camp stove.

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