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Now WeeRide Together!

November 5, 2010 by · 5 Comments 


On our across the country road trip last winter, we discovered the joy of bicycling together as a family!  Having always lived in the country with it’s rough and bumpy roads, and having (previously) always camped in rugged, undeveloped campgrounds, we never really biked together.  But, last winter, we came across so many wonderful places that were perfect for family bike rides, that we bought everyone new bikes while we were in Arizona!  We bought a bike trailer to haul the little girls that couldn’t ride bikes yet, and we were off!  We rode all over at least half a dozen state parks in Arizona, Big Bend National Park, Fontaineblue State Park in Louisiana, Lakeside RV Resort in Myrtle Beach…and many other stops between.  We learned to always wear layered clothing, and to take along water bottles, snacks, hats and sunscreen, and bug spray when down south.  And we made some of the best memories riding together; talking and laughing as we went, and getting much more up close and personal with our surroundings than had we all piled in the van for the same jaunt.  And, having put over 23,000 miles on the van, it was nice to get out and exercise a bit, even if the little girls requested frequent stops so they could escape the bike trailer and check it all out too!

 Having had 11 little ones over the past 21 years, we have tried it all when it comes to bike trailers/carriers for the little kids.  Well, almost all.  I recently received a WeeRide Kangaroo LTD bicycle carrier to review, and I am in love!  It is like no other child bike carrier!  It is mounted in FRONT of the rider’s seat!  Greg (my son) installed it for me in just a matter of minutes; it was super easy to mount onto my cruiser needing only 2 simple tools (that are included); the mounting bar pressure fits on bike, and the seat can be installed/removed in seconds.  Then we were off, together, to try it out!  I loved that I could keep an eye on the little one riding with me, and even interact with her about our surroundings; the girls loved that they could see where we were going, and be part of the action.  The carrier has a secure harness system and is padded for comfort, and, to have the little ones in front of me actually made my bike more stable than without them!!!  The little girls all had to try it out, and it was fun while it lasted, but little Molly cried when I took her out, 3 yr. old Savannah fussed until promised another ride, and even 5 yr. old Emma was loathe for her ride to end (she is a bit over the 40# rating, but it worked fine for a ‘me-too’ ride)!  It was an all-around hit!  I am so tickled with it, I’m going to get another WeeRide LTD before we hit the road again in 3 weeks.  I can’t wait to put them to work touring our favorite Picacho Peak S.P. (AZ), riding to the hot-spring fed pool at Balmohrea in Texas…and I’d really like to do a beach ride this year!

Sister Beth gives Molly a rideThat is what I like most about RVing (or, one of the multiple things I like most) – all the activities that we enjoy a family.everyone included.   I love it when I find a treasure that enhances our family activities, and the WeeRide Kangaroo carrier does just that for us.  Biking a new area is a great way to get a bit of exercise, see your surroundings anew, and enjoy a time of family togetherness.  Makes for an excellent camping activity!

We do have one unanticipated issue with the WeeRide; I may never get to ride my bike again – all the big kids want to take the little girls for rides now!  Thank goodness they sell extra mounting bars so we can speedily transfer the seats to the other bikes. 

My 16 y.o. son would probably get a few odd looks touring his baby sister around the campground on my cotton candy pink cruiser! LOL!


5 Responses to “Now WeeRide Together!”
  1. Steven Heath says:

    nobody is wearing a helmet

  2. John says:

    I agree where are the helmets?

    Here’s is a quick link to some statistics:

    Helmets do save lives.

  3. butterbean carpenter says:

    BRAINER (and I KNOW you have a good one).. My grandson(8) and I were cycling in front of the house
    when he lost his balance and swerved into me… I had to ‘high-side’(bail off) to keep him from falling..
    Luckily I had on a helmet.. I landed on my head and with my left fist under me next to my heart.. I had a bruised area on my chest for several weeks and my helmet cracked, but cushioned my head enough..
    The helmet took quite a roughing-up and Chris was VERY INTERESTED IN WEARING A HELMET…


    Just an old granpappy wanting kids to grow up, not be planted like corn…

  4. Dana T. says:

    I totally agree with you, but please take a big breath and don’t freak out on me! LOL!
    We just popped out in front of the KOA for a few quick pics specifically for the post, not even going for a ride, and I didn’t even think of having the kids put their helmets on. If the weather holds, I will retake the pics tomorrow (helmets in place), and repost pics. I was in a hurry as we are trying to get the RV insulated better than it is, and fix a newly found leak (ugh! it’s behind the shower!) before bad weather moves in on Sunday; the bikes are slated to be stashed in storage until we head out in 3 weeks. I will readily admit that I don’t require that my older kids wear helmets, but I should have put them on the little ones even if just for a ‘photo op’. My bad. :(

    Helmets are a great way to help protect those little brains from being planted like corn, and I would recommend them for anyone biking,…

  5. ABrose says:

    Glad to see the comments regarding the helmets. A fall on the noggin from bike height can do a lot of damage so please protect that precious cargo (adults included). Studies have shown that if Mom & Dad wear helmets, teenage kids are more likely to follow suite.

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