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Tips for Tent Camping In the Rain

October 21, 2010 by · 5 Comments 


beautiful rainbow in the skyIt’s raining!  And, we are camping! IN A TENT! I love the rain! And I try not to every let it slow us down.

We knew it might rain before we went to bed so we took a few precautions to ensure our comfort.

First tip for camping in the rain,

we made a good big doorstep in front our tent from a tarp. This was to help keep the mud down and give the kids plenty of room to take off their muddy shoes.

Second tip for camping in the rain,

we dug a trench all the way around our tent and doorstep. It is not a super deep mote, it is just deep enough to catch the water and direct it away from our tent. The trench goes all the way around our tent and at the lowest point it directs the water away from out tent.

Third tip for camping in the rain,

I lecture the children about not touching the tent walls or roof while it is raining. I don’t really understand the science behind it but for some reason touching the tent wall breaks an invisible natural seal and causes that spot to leak in some tents. (Every tent I ever had actually)

Now we have a nice dry space to spend the day in. A space that is small and cozy and small. Oh, I said small twice, imagine that.

How do you keep from going crazy stuck in a tent with two kids for hours?

There are lots of little games you can play. I always pack a deck of cards and some books and art supplies.  For art supplies I don’t bring crayons because if they get left in the car on a hot day they tend to get messy.  Colored pencils and washable markers are much neater.  I am staying in a camping resort with wi-fi so we have the added comfort of the lap tops.

happy little girl playing in the mud

The rain is intermittent now so we can get out of our tent and enjoy this beautiful place and the lovely rainbow.  Thankfully the campground has nice showers because the children love mud.

Tomorrow we will have the mud and the dampness to keep in mind when we pack up our tent. When I get caught with a wet or damp tent I fold it up loosely take it home and hang it from a bike hook in my garage for a few days to make sure it is completely dry before I stow it away.

It may sound odd to some people but camping in the rain is a great family outing! It builds teamwork (kids love helping with the trench) it builds togetherness (because you can not escape) and it builds great memories (because you kind-a have to play together, without distractions)


5 Responses to “Tips for Tent Camping In the Rain”
  1. I admire your good spirits. I just hope you are not cooking in the tent.

  2. Alden says:

    About what MomandDadCamping said- NEVER cook inside a tent, or have a lit candle or other flame.

    No, it not because we’re worried about you burning down your tent in the rain (which, come to think of it isn’t that awesome either) but because the carbon monoxide build up can be lethal.

    Having a nice hot cup of _________ may sound like a good idea, but keep the fire/stove OUTSIDE the tent, somewhere with good ventilation.

  3. RA Manseau says:

    You are so right! No, I do not cook in the tent. Thanks for posting that comment! That is so important. We have jackets, blankets and sleeping bags to keep warm. And I always unzip a small section of the window for fresh air. I love the way rain smells.


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