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Did You Miss Going to the Beach this Summer?

August 26, 2010 by · 2 Comments 


If you missed the beach this summer, there is still time to go.  Actually, September and October are excellent times to visit the coastal campgrounds of Virginia and North Carolina.  The nights are cool, but the days are still bright, sunny and warm.  The crowds are gone and there is less traffic to contend with.  Campground rates usually drop after Labor Day and there is a better selection of preferred sites.

Of course, if the kids are in school, camping is going to be restricted to weekends and if you are more than a couple of hundred miles from the coast making the trip becomes problematic – unless you take them out of school for a few days.

Knowing that many readers did not make it to the beach this summer and probably will not be able to do so this fall, I have included two videos.  One is nothing but the ocean waves, blue sky and sand. The second video was made around 9 o’clock one morning as beach-goers and children began their day of  “fun in the sun”.  The tide was “out” and there was plenty of beach to explore and play on.

Both videos are too large to include as part of our Woodall’s Blog Site. Therefore, clicking on each thumbnail on your right will open a new tab in your browser and take you to Photobucket and my personal video page.  After watching each video you will need to return to this blog site by clicking the Woodall’s tab at the top of your browser or simply close the video site to continue. You may enlarge each video to full screen by clicking on the box with the arrow (next to the speaker and time-stamp icons) in the bottom right corner of the video screen. BTW – my video site is safe and virus free.

The best way to watch the videos is to sit back in a quite place without television or conversation from others.  You don’t want any distractions to ruin your thoughts and pleasures.  I believe you will find the first video more enjoyable if you turn the sound down low.  When you watch the second video of people on the beach, turn the sound back up.

Video of Just the Ocean – click on the thumbnail image to watch,      

Video of People on the Beach. This is early Morning with the Tide Out.

As you watch the videos think of how awesome it is to stand at the edge of a continent and look out over the horizon at nothing but blue water and perhaps the silhouette of a ship in the distance.  Imagine that you are on one of those distant ships a few hundred years ago and you have just sighted land after weeks of sailing across the ocean.  Can you feel the excitement of landing on a new shore and all of the discoveries you can make?

Or, you can pretend that you are Robinson Crusoe or a member of Swiss Family Robinson.  Maybe even someone looking for that special Note in a Bottle that washes up on shore.  Let you imagination go…….

Under all of that blue water are scores of shipwrecks.  Maps showing exactly where they are located are readily available in area gift shops.  Many of these ships were lost in violent storms that can prey upon the costal waters and who knows what precious cargo they may still contain?

Dolphins frequently visit the coastal beaches, playing just a few yards away in the surf.  They are beautiful creatures with an intelligence that rivals that of most mammals.  I can sit and watch their antics for hours and never grow tired.

The draw of the ocean and the costal beaches remains extremely strong for much of the countries’ population.  We play in the surf, build castles in the sand, walk for miles along the beach early in the morning looking for sea shells, sand dollars and star fish that were washed ashore during the late night high tide.

Yes, if you missed the beach this summer, there is still time.  If it is simply impossible for you to make the trek to the ocean this year, the videos are just for you.  I hope you enjoy them and will be able to put your feet in the Atlantic, Pacific or Gulf waters of this beautiful country next summer.  There are thousands of really great campgrounds anxious to accommodate you and your family.  You can find most all of them in the latest edition of the Woodall’s Campground Guide.


2 Responses to “Did You Miss Going to the Beach this Summer?”
  1. Debbie says:

    Yes! I love the beach and this summer I didn’t make it more than once. I am from southern California and we’re having the warmest days all summer, now. So it is not too late!

  2. Art says:

    I love the beach. My family love the beach. I always say that it is a place where we can relax and have some bonding time with the family. A place to unwind and have get together. Family recreation or reunion with friends. I would definitely find time going to the beach.

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