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RVing 101: Wild and wacky places to camp

July 29, 2010 by · 3 Comments 


For 1.2 million dollars you can take to the high seas in your amphibious motorhome. Photo courtesy Excel Distributors

For many, the annual RV vacation includes flat campgrounds with blue, buzzing mosquito zappers and long days driving from national park to national park. But Excel Distributors, a leading purveyor in aftermarket RV mattresses, knows that sometimes just finding a place to sleep is where the adventure lies. In 31 Strangest Places to Sleep, Excel highlights the most creative rest stops, sleep spots, and out-there hotels the world has to offer. It’s the one-stop guide for anyone who wants to embark on a different kind of adventure—extreme sleeping.

In 31 Strangest Places to Sleep, Excel highlights the most creative rest stops, sleep spots, and out-there hotels the world has to offer.

“For some RVers, the goal is the destination: getting to that monument, seeing that landmark. For others, RVing is all about the adventure along the way. 31 Strangest Places to Sleep is our tribute to them,” says Scott Oster, general manager of Excel Distributors.

The unique RV campgrounds featured in 31 Places include the Flintstone Campground in Williams, Arizona, Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake, Utah, Slab City, On Top of Salvation Mountain, near Niland, California, and even a Wal-Mart parking lot.

The RV Taj Mahal stands five Winnebagos high and features 8 satellite dishes, 32 lawn chairs and a flock of plastic pink flamingos. Running water coming soon. Photo courstey Excel Distributors

You’ve been asking for years: “When are they going to make an RV that floats?” For 1.2 million dollars, you can take to the high seas in your Amphibious RV, where you can fish all day from your couch.

“RV travel may not be as popular in other parts of the world as it is here, but when it is possible, it can be one of the best ways to explore a new place,” says Oster.

RV enthusiasts down under will recognize Franz Josef Holiday Park in the shadow of New Zealand’s tallest peak, and 31 Places also gives a shout out to roadside camping in Siberia.

In regions of the world where RV camping is less common, Excel showcases one-of-a-kind sleep situations like the oil rig survival pod hotel in The Hague. And, there are those who don’t need an RV or a hotel to hunker down for a quick nap.

“We created 31 Places as something fun to encourage RVers to share their own strange sleep stories. But we hope it also inspires some of those same RVers to slow down, stop rushing from destination to destination, and see what sites pop up along the way,” says Oster.

To view 31 Strangest Places to Sleep, click here.

Excel Distributors is the online purveyor of quality RV mattresses, RV mattress protection pads, and RV pillows. Dedicated to customers wishing to improve the overall quality of the RV they currently own, Excel specializes in the RV Aftermarket. Excel is located in Portland, Oregon.

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3 Responses to “RVing 101: Wild and wacky places to camp”
  1. Professor95 says:


    One I did not see in your “31″ that I have experienced – overnight inside a large cave.

    When I was in college back in the late 60′s I spent the night alone in one of the grand caverns of Cudjo’s Cave on the Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia border at Cumberland Gap. Believe me when I say it is a totally different world. Truthfully, I did not sleep. I was awake all night – at least I think it was night, it was dark no matter what. It was part of a fraternity initiation. I had a sleeping bag, water and one book of matches. I ended up burning the sleeping bag piece-by-peace that I cut up with my pocket knife. The small fires and light were more comfortable than the bag. It was about 55 degrees in the cave.

  2. Derek says:

    I was surprised to see that I have slept in 8 of the 31 places! They were all a lot of fun too! I am from Arizona, but I have never been to Williams- Might be worth a stop if I’m ever passing through-

  3. Analise says:

    It is just so amazing to read about such information. I commend you for constructing such a useful blog for surfers to enjoy reading. Keep up the good work, Rex Vogel.

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