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Head out to the local fair

July 23, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 


One of the great things about going somewhere new is checking out the local culture. Whether it’s going to a new restaurant to try a new food (got hooked on NC BBQ that way) or visiting a local park, we love to experience new things. Another great way to experience an area is visit their local fair. Just use the County Fairs web site to see if there’s a fair where you’ll be camping.

showing a holstein cow

Dairy show at a local fair

Of course not all fairs are created equal, some are just small 4-H fairs that have exhibits and some local organizations running a food booth or two. Those are a fun way to relax. Take in a cattle show, see if you can pick which cow will come out on top. Talk to an older4-Her about their project, they’ve worked hard on it, chances are they’d love to inform you about their animal they’ve chosen to show. Then there are the big fairs, with rides, lots of things to do and see, but at their heart they’re still the same. The kids still take care of their animals and talk to people who want to learn more about the farming way of life.

If you’re going to go, just a few things to keep in mind, leave puppy back at the camper, most fairs don’t allow non-registered animals on the fair grounds. Ask the owner before you pet their animal, most fair animals are pretty tame, but there are a few who aren’t. And when you’re near the animal barns, keep an eye out for what’s on the ground, because hey, poop happens. Oh and don’t forget to stop by the funnel cake stand. It’s just not a trip to the fair without some  fried dough covered in powdered sugar!

funnel cakeMaybe you’re wanting to go camping but have no special place in mind, find a fair and then use Woodalls to find a campground that suits your needs. Either way, I hope you get a chance to visit a county fair. Whether you’ve got a young family or your just young at heart I’m sure you’ll enjoy a trip to the fair.

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