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Back at the Beach – and Boy is is HOT on the East Coast!

July 7, 2010 by · 1 Comment 


We pulled into our favorite Atlantic ocean-front camping spot Monday afternoon.  It took a while to get set up due to the curious crowd that gathered to look at the Great White (Volvo Truck) with the golf cart situated cross-ways on the back.    The problem with the interruptions is exacerbated by my willingness to talk to any one that asks a question about the rig.  Sometimes the explanations and questions can go on for an hour or more – much to the chagrin of Nancy who would prefer that I connect the power cord and water before I get into these longwinded discussions.

The lush golf course like grass that graced the park when we were here in April is now nothing more than a clump or two of green here and there dominated by large areas of brown vegetation and hot sand.  Did I say hot?   There is no need to get into that discussion with anyone that lives on the east coast.  Triple digit temperatures have been common for the past several weeks, setting new records for high temperatures that go back to the early 1900’s.  Right now there is a high pressure cell stalled over the Virginia – North Carolina border pumping hot, dry air toward the coast.  We usually experience a cool breeze off of the ocean, but so far this year the breeze is coming from the inland area.

We have been traveling with what one might call a small garden.  Last spring I started some tomato plants from seeds.  Several were planted in a garden at home now consumed by weeds.  But, three plants were carefully tendered in 3 gallon planting containers.  We could not leave them at home – with this hot, dry weather with no rain they would wither up and die with just one day without water.  They have become sort of like children since they were raised from seed.  Their large green fruits could begin to turn red any day now — providing a tasty condiment for a juicy cheeseburger or salad.  Now, that is something I would not want to miss!

For the past two days Nancy and I have been getting up fairly early and heading out onto the beach.  By doing this we miss some of the larger crowds and much of the mid-day heat.  The beach is much more pleasant in the morning hours and we feel like we have miles of sand all to ourselves.  It also allows us to do the forbidden and let Oscar off of his leash to run in the surf after his  beloved blue racket ball.

Oscar has really enjoyed his usual “digging to the center of the earth” activity.  He loves the beach as we do but his incessant digging can become distracting when I am trying to digest a good book.  He can throw buckets full of sand all over me if he decides to change the direction of his digging.

I have not mentioned what park we are in yet – it is the same one I wrote about in April, Holiday Trav-L-Park in Emerald Isle North Carolina.   We have been coming here for years and love the ocean-front location, management and surrounding area.  It has become more commercial in the past decade or so as more and more people either move into the area or come to enjoy the cool Atlantic waters while vacationing in a condo or camper.  The park is almost full – somewhat unusual for mid week.  By Friday night there will not be an empty space anywhere.

I find it kind of funny how we migrate to the ocean with all of the other beautiful camping sites we could explore in Virginia and the Carolinas.  I picked up a hand full of brochures when we stopped at the North Carolina Welcome Station on the way down.  I was intrigued by all the camping sites toward Ashville and the Smokey Mountains – especially the ones that have opportunities to dig for gem stones.  Maybe next year we can give that part of the state a visit.  Meanwhile, the magnetism of the ocean continues to pull us to this location where we bask in the very sun that we are now told is dangerous to our skin.  We do sop on the sunscreen and stay under the umbrella as much as possible.  Hopefully the combination gives us adequate protection from the harmful UV rays.

One thing I have always noted on the beach are all of the beautiful “hard bodies” displayed by the younger generation.  But, alas,  many of the men and women of my generation display bodies that look  more like hard boiled eggs – that is, with the exception of my lovely wife!

I have not forgotten Chapter II of the First-Aid series; it is just that there is sooooo much going on right now in the RV and camping part of our lives.  When we leave here on the 19th we will be heading for Louisville and the Great Big RV RallyWow, that is going to be an exciting experience! We have about 850 miles of pavement to cover to get there.  Fortunately the big Volvo racks up acceptable fuel mileage pulling the Cedar Creek fiver, is extremely comfortable and carries almost 300 gallons of diesel fuel.  That makes a long trip a lot less stressful.

We will be in lot 14 while at the Rally.  You can’t miss us.  Just look for the big white Volvo truck with The Great White painted across the bug deflector on the hood and the Cedar Creek fifth wheel trailer with an American flag imprint on the rear awning.  Please stop and tell us hello.  It would be great to meet some of our readers.


One Response to “Back at the Beach – and Boy is is HOT on the East Coast!”
  1. Robin says:

    The management here, especially Ronnie, Candy & Tammy are very hard to get along with. They absolutely do not have their customers satisfaction in mind. I am amazed at just how rude, cold, uncaring, and disrespectful they are. Be careful going here!

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