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Videos for Breeze Lake RV Campground and Paul’s RV Park, Brownsville Texas

June 11, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 



When you head south to Texas and you keep going and keep going, (and going and going) you’ll reach the very tip of Texas and find yourself in Brownsville, Texas. “On the Border by the Sea” is a slogan used in Brownsville and it fits as this remarkable city is on the Gulf of Mexico just north of the Mexican border. The area is beautifully tropical and the winter weather is quite mild making this a destination stop for many RVers looking for a retrieve from the harsher climes up north. When you are searching for a winter retreat or even a very warm summer spot to relax or perhaps to do a little bird watching, don’t miss Breeze Lake RV Campground and Paul’s RV Park. Both of these resorts are under new ownership and are undergoing some marvelous updates by owners who are themselves RVers and know and understand what we’re all really looking for in a park. Both parks were already very nice spots to be, but now you’re going to love what’s new. Enjoy these two videos knowing that there will be even more to come for you to enjoy by the time you make it this far south, because remember, you have to keep going and going, and going and going, because Texas is BIG. Just ask any Texan about that. Breeze Lake RV Campground and Paul’s RV Park both offer many activities for groups or individuals and the Brownsville area has terrific shopping and restaurants. The city is big enough to have everything you need but not so big that the congestion will drive you crazy. If you are a bird watcher, don’t miss Brownsville, Texas, and while you are making that long, long trek deep into the heart of Texas, find great spots to stop along the way with Woodall’s. Search for Woodall’s inspected RV resort parks.


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