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Maybell, Colorado –Has it gone to the dogs?

June 14, 2010 by · 2 Comments 


Aren’t small towns the greatest? As we drove into this tiny town in the pouring rain, a couple of boys, maybe 10 or 11, were waiting by a puddle to be splashed as cars went by. I could see their excitement ahead of us when they saw the motor home coming, and sure enough, the puddle flew up all over them when we passed and they screamed and jumped with delight. The little town is Maybell, Colorado. Not much to see in Maybell, but there is a nice little café and a little City Park with a few hookups and a dump station. This trip across Highway 40 in northern Colorado is one every RVer should make. The scenery is the best anywhere. Just when you think the world has gone to the dogs, you go to Maybell, Colorado and find out that it has! At the center of town, the green grass in the City Park was loaded with an agility course for dogs. What a fun thing to watch! The weather cleared up and the dogs came out to play. These dogs seem so happy to do this and they are very attentive to their master throughout the course, constantly looking to them for guidance. It is truly amazing. At first I was thinking that one would just run the dog through the course over and over again until they got it down, but the course is constantly changed, so the dog really has to respond to the master’s instructions to complete the course correctly. It just had me entranced. They will still be there next weekend, so if you are in northern Colorado area, go watch this. It’s really a kick. Search for more information on dog agility training at the North American Dog Agility Council. It sounds like these events are set up to accommodate young and old dogs ( as long as you can teach your old dog a new trick or two) and old or young trainers, too. Most of these dog trainers have RVs, too, and they are a truly friendly group. We RVers are a very blessed group to get these little surprises life has to offer around every corner. If you don’t get to go to the dogs in Maybell, at least you can go to Lou’s café!


2 Responses to “Maybell, Colorado –Has it gone to the dogs?”
  1. Peggy and Greg says:

    Just read your blog on Maybell, CO and route 40 in No. Co. Thought for a minute that it was the 70 from Denver that we went through and almost burned out our brakes on our 40 foot American Tradition. Boy was that a trip! Maybell looks like it is in the middle of no where.

    Peg & Greg

  2. Looks like Maybell is my kind of town. Right activities right climate and RV’s who could ask for more. Thanks.

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