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Family Camping: How to Create a Fun Family Camping Vacation

June 1, 2010 by · 3 Comments 


Family camping is a fun, economical way to spend time with your kids and grand children. Whether you’re an RV camper or a tent camper, family camping comes in all shapes and sizes.  Camping vacations do require pre-planning, however. Here’s what you need to know.

Family Camping Tip 1: Choose a Destination Oriented Camping Spot

family camping - grandpa family camping at a family campground with grandkidJust like on any family vacation, kids enjoy doing things that are fun and active. Before you select your family camping vacation spot, decide on the top things that you and your family might want to do. For example, if you have a child who is a train fanatic, then taking the train from Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon might be a perfect vacation for you. If you have a budding scientist in your midst then consider visiting an Exploratorium – this is a hands-on, kid friendly museum that will let your kids and grand kids be a scientist for a day.  If amusement parks are more your style, there are Disneyland Resorts, Great America Theme Parks, and Busch Parks around North America.   Once you decide on a general area to visit, you can start your hunt for the perfect family campground.

Family Camping Tip 2: Make Your Plans Well in Advance, and Expect a Crowd

Because most children are in school during 8 months of the year, summer and spring break vacations can get very crowded at family vacation hot spots. If you can plan far in advance you’ll have better luck finding the perfect family camping spot for you. Family campgrounds are crowded in summer months so try to create a vacation during weekdays whenever possible. Not only will you find that weekday family camping rates are lower, but you’ll find that the crowds are thinner everywhere you go.

Family Camping Tip 3: Break-Up Long Drives

Travel to and from your family campground “home base” may be a long journey for little ones. Consider as you’re planning your trip, breaking up the drive along the way. Either stay overnight at a family campground or hotel along the way, or plan to stop over for an extended lunch period. Its fun to do research ahead of time and find a free public park near your half-way point so that you can allow the kids an hour or so to stretch and move around before continuing on in the car. Even if you’re traveling in a motor home where the kids are less restricted to stay in a seat the entire ride, nothing beats an opportunity for kids to run around and let some steam out.

Family Camping Tip 4: Pack According to Your Space and Needs

Be careful not to over pack for your family camping trip. Where you’re going to probably has a grocery store for stocking up on food and drinks. The family campground is likely to have coin operated washing machines and dryers to help make fewer clothes go farther.  Check a weather site such as to help you pack appropriately, but layers will always serve you on a family camping trip.

Family Camping Tip 5: Relax, Have Fun, Enjoy Yourself

Sometimes it’s hard for a mom or dad to simply let go and enjoy themselves on a family vacation. To make the most out of your time remember that things don’t always go as planned and that’s ok. Sometimes the best family camping memories come out of the surprises you encounter on your journey.  Once you leave the house, sit back, relax and think, what will be, will be.

Family campgrounds are very accommodating places to visit and typically have lots of things to do on site and nearby. Good luck on your next family camping adventure. Be sure to write a guest blog post and tell us how it goes.  To find family campgrounds, visit Woodall’s family camping section.


3 Responses to “Family Camping: How to Create a Fun Family Camping Vacation”
  1. We are always having a family camping every year and its really fun and exciting..!!The tips you have shared are very useful and helpful..Excellent post..!!Thanks for posting it..

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks for the tips… It is a good reminder for campers who are planning the best camping experience this year. My family love camping too and we make sure to do it at least every year. It is our way of escaping from busy days and troubles from work and school.

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