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Adventures at Yosemite

June 20, 2010 by · 1 Comment 


We arrive at the Wauwona Campground in Yosemite National Park, where we have a campsite reserved, after the staff has left for the day. We locate the slip indicating our site number at the check-in location and proceed to find our home for the next few days. When we arrive we are pleasantly surprised: it is a spacious site with a nice shade tree next to a large grassy area the size of a baseball field. Across the field are the restrooms. Who could ask for more?Yosemite campsite

We quickly set up, then wash up and move on to preparing dinner. After we eat, we sit around a crackling fire and relax, but note that this is a very friendly campground and music is prevalent. A young man with an acoustic guitar is serenading the campground with lovely ballads that help us to relax after traveling all day. A short while later, we hear music of a livelier sort, that seemed to be heading in our direction, stopping at each campsite along the way.

Finally, around the corner of the camper next to us ambles a large man in a bear suit, carrying a guitar. He walks over to us, greets us pleasantly, takes a seat near our fire, and proceeds to serenade us with a lively song about a bear. (I think it was “Bear Necessities” if I remember correctly) It was quite the event and a memory we have thoroughly enjoyed many times since! I am not sure whether he was with the campground or just loved to entertain while he was camping, but the kids were speechless and we all had a good time. I was so surprised I didn’t even take time to get my camera out.

Bear cub on the trail to Mirror Lake

Bear cub on the trail to Mirror Lake

The next morning, we are eager to see a bit of Yosemite National Park so we plan to visit Yosemite Village, then hike for a bit. At the Village, we board the shuttle to the trailhead to Mirror Lake. It was more of a trickle or stream than a lake, but the water was refreshing to our feet and ankles. Heading back to the Village, we find a sandwich shop and have a terrific lunch seated outside in a pleasant and picturesque setting. Afterwards we had over to the Awahnee Hotel, the beautiful lodge in the park. As a family, we have a tradition of touring any National Park lodges we can find as they are all so unique and spectacular. We rarely stay in one, as we are usually in our camper, but we love to wander through them.

Mirror Lake

Kids splashing in Mirror Lake

The Awahnee does not disappoint! It is truly spectacular. We dream about staying a night on a future visit to the park.

We shop a bit after our hotel visit, then do a bit of rock climbing at Bridal Veil Falls and snap some spectacular pictures. Eventually we head up to Glacier Point to photograph Half Dome and Yosemite Valley. Beautiful scenery.

Half DomeFinally, for a perfect end to a delightful day, we head to the Wauwona Hotel in the Park and have a fabulous dinner on the veranda. We linger, spending several hours enjoying the food, the scenery and the company. All are delicious! Read more about things to do in California at  RV California.

Wauwona Hotel

Wauwona Hotel, Yosemite National Park


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  1. Beautiful pictures, and indeed the great adventure tour .
    In fact i have visited Yosemite National Park, which is the great and spectacular
    attraction and to other side Wauwona Hotel in the Park , is the best service hotels.

    thanks for info

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