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It’s a God Thing

May 5, 2010 by · 1 Comment 


Sometimes something happens in your life and when you have a chance to look back, you know there’s a reason for it higher than your own planning. We sold our house the end of April. The people that bought the house also wanted the furniture, so we had very little to move. We have friends in the neighborhood that let us stay in their house a few days because the disbursement couldn’t take place until Bank of America finally got around to giving the title company a number. Just a silly little number is all they needed and to our frustration every time it was requested, the bank said, “Well, if you are requesting this again, we need to start over!” Finally it was done but not until several days after closing. This actually gave us a nice chance to “vacation” in a fabulous Colorado home and reflect on our plans to full time RV.  By the way, our friends’ home where we stayed is also now on the market. It is an executive five bedroom (or six really) 3 car garage, office, exercise room, theatre room and on and on. Feel free to ask me more if you are looking for a great place to live in Colorado away from the traffic but in a paradise setting. Anyway, we are now in a motor home again and plan to keep it that way for a few years to come.  We are in Harlingen, Texas right now in an RV park called Tropic Winds where we had seen this motor home for sale. (Search for this and other RV parks for your visit to the Rio Grande Valley, at Woodall’s.)  The previous owner had driven it down here from Kansas and all he had to say about that was, “I just don’t like it.” I guess it’s true. Some people just are not in to this lifestyle at all. He bought a mobile home and moved it into this park. We instead are going to drive this thing everywhere and try to see as much of our country as we can. We simply love the lifestyle. In a previous post I mentioned how a friend had said it was like a weight being lifted, and I have felt that very thing now. I’m seeing smiles in the breezes that pass and the sun I’m sure is laughing too. Yes, looking back on this series of events and how the dominoes fell into place, I think I have to just say that it’s a God thing.


One Response to “It’s a God Thing”
  1. Genevieve says:

    I know exactly what you mean.

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