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Guest Blog Post: RV Travel to Oklahoma City

May 11, 2010 by · 2 Comments 


Our friends and guest bloggers, Tom & Georgie, kept a blog of their RV travels this past year. You can enjoy their blog at Here is an excerpt about traveling to Oklahoma City.

We arrived in Oklahoma City about 4 today after a relatively easy drive from Amirillo. The driving was all on Interstate 40 and not much in the way of hills or curves and in fact, not much of anything.  Tomorrow we will do some exploring here in Oklahoma City and plan to visit Stockyard City, the world’s largest stocker/feeder livestock market. Besides the livestock there are all sorts of shops to provide products for the “real” cowboy.  There is also a restaurant there that as been in operation for 80 years called the Cattleman’s. It open at 6AM!

At a quick glance it appears there is a lot to explore in Oklahoma City.  Where to next??  I am not sure other than it will be in a continued easterly direction.

Below are a few pictures from our drive today. Not thqt they show you much, but that is the point of why we haven’t been taking many pictures or attaching them to the blog. I expect we should get some good pictures tomorrow.

Big Rig - RV to beat all RVs

This is a rig that came in to our campsite in Albuquerque. It is a HUGE 5th wheel with a 4 door cab custom tractor on th front with a big fancy 3 wheel motorcycle stored just behind the cab. All custom painted so that cab and trailer matched.

RV Oklahoma - Long and Flat

As I said, not much to look at, long straight and flat.

RV Oklahoma City

This shows how desperate we were for pictures. On several billboards prior to getting to this spot, this cross was billed a the largest one in the western hemisphere. I have no idea what the reason for it being there is. This does bring up a point though about billboards. They are everywhere and lots of them. We have noticed this in several states. It really makes us appreciate Vermont's no billboard laws!

About Tom and Georgie:  My wife and i enjoy traveling in our 2000 32′ Class A Itasca Suncruiser. So far we have logged over 50,000 miles in it and still feel there is much of this great country of our that we want to see.

Last summer/fall we embarked on a two month trip from Vermont to 12 National Parks in the west and also stops in several western cities. We left in Early August and returned in early October logging over 6,600 miles on the RV and many more on our Ranger pickup truck tow vehicle.  I maintained a blog with pictures that was updated almost daily and should be a great resource for anyone considering a similar trip. During the trip, we took full advantage of the benefits provided by the RV mode of travel. No fixed schedule or itinerary, no reservations we had to keep, if we wanted to stay longer at a particular location, we did.

To read the rest of this post, and enjoy more of Tom and Georgie’s blog, visit:


2 Responses to “Guest Blog Post: RV Travel to Oklahoma City”
  1. Tom Raub says:

    I hope you enjoy our blog. Lots of pictures and also text. A surprising thing for us was that the campgrounds in the west seemed to have much smaller spaces than the ones in the east.

    This was my first attempt at doing a blog and I will definitiely do another for our next extended trip. Since we have returned, I find myself going back to my blog to help remember specific things about a place we visited that i have since forgotten. The blog alloows you to capture your impressions from the time of the “event” , which is much better than something you try and reflect back on at a later date.

    My kids had tour blog printed up for us in a very nice 11×17 coffee table book which is a nice conversation piece with company. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  2. Sherry says:

    You all were right across the river from the greatest fun! Oklahoma Citys canal ride and Bricktown. Stockyard city os also awesome but most of the sites were just a little farther to the east.- gotta come back and see the sites. ALSO get of of I 40! that is one of the flatest roads around!! BOREING,,,,,We have some beautiful mountains and LOTS of rivers and lakes.. Glad you came our way…

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