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Go Camping! Why to Make Your Next Vacation a Camping Trip

May 13, 2010 by · 2 Comments 


Besides being an inexpensive way to enjoy a week-long vacation, camping offers vacationers the unique pleasure of enjoying the outdoors and getting away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day city living. There is a wide gamut of camping enthusiasts out there – from backpackers who rely on dried fruit and their water purifier, to class A RVers whose home on wheels has more amenities than many apartments!  The long-standing rivalry which many believe exists between these two extreme groups can be easily broken down by the natural beauty of the outdoors; the commonality that bonds all who love to go camping!  We at Woodall’s would like to ask, what kind of camping enthusiast are you?

Backpacking and Tent Camping Off the Beaten Path

backpack camping is perfect for the camper who wants to "rough it"For those who enjoy “roughing it” and carrying their house on their backs, backpacking is an idyllic activity. There are places you can hike into as a backpacker to go camping that many people will not enjoy their entire lives. There is something very serene about hours of hiking to a remote destination where you can set up camp from your backpack, cook your own dinner, and read, draw or simply enjoy nature until the sunset kisses you goodnight.

One thing backpack campers and hardcore tent campers have in common with all other camping enthusiasts, though, is that they plan. Planning is the key to a successful camping trip. Before you go camping, be sure to research where you’re going to stay, how you’re going to get there and back, weather conditions and more. Being ill-prepared for any vacation can add stress, but being 20 miles on foot from the nearest road can make it dangerous too.

Tent Camping and Family Camping in Campgrounds

family camping can be a fun, economical vacation choiceWhether camping for a weekend or a two-week spring vacation, family camping makes an awesome vacation! Something amazing happens to kids of all ages when they are roasting marshmallows over an open flame. Something amazing happens to kids when they get away from technology and explore the beautiful outdoors.

Family camping can be done affordably in a pop up camper or a tent, or a small trailer or fifth wheel camper. For a larger budget, choose a nice class C or class A RV which will be more equipped for a comfortable, longer trip.

Economics is playing a role in families’ resurgence of camping vacations over the past two years. Camping at publicly owned campgrounds may lack some amenities, but can run as inexpensive as $15 per night. Camping in privately owned campgrounds will likely have nicer amenities but can be anywhere from $25 to $50 per night for a campsite.  Some campgrounds such as KOA Kampgrounds and Yogi Bear Parks are specifically geared for family camping and therefore can make for an ideal camping trip location.

RV Camping in Public and Privately Owned Campgrounds and RV Parks

Aside from family camping, mentioned above, couples and individuals who wish to take short to medium vacations in their RV camper can enjoy camping at both public and privately owned campgrounds.  Privately owned campgrounds may offer more amenities and nicer amenities such as flush-ceramic toilets, on-site recreation and even prepared meals at the campground.  To find out all that a campground has to offer, consult your Woodall’s online camping directory.

Camping in a Cabin or On-Site Rental

camping cabins can be a nice alternative to sleeping on the groundCamping in a camping cabin is becoming more and more popular because of the convenience and ease of this type of vacation. Family campers find themselves craving the natural setting of the outdoors, but also seeking the convenience of not having to pack a tent and sleeping bags. Not only do many camping cabins come ready to go with dishes, pots and pans, sheets and towels, but they also tend to be more affordable than hotels.

But truly, economics is not the reason why people rent a camping cabin. Rentals of these types of units are popular because of the natural beauty of the lake, forest, river or mountain that one gets to enjoy when sitting on the porch of their on-site rental.

Other on-site rentals include yurts (permanent tents with hard bottoms), trailers and similar lodging. They may or may not come as ready-to-go as most camping cabins, so be sure to ask what is included as you make your rental reservations at your favorite campground.

RV Resort Camping, Membership Camping

For those who prefer RV camping at a more developed park, consider camping at an RV resort or at a membership park. Thousand Trails, for example, offers hundreds of private, membership-only locations across North America that are very well developed. From camping cabins to on-site heated pools, to tennis courts and more, these membership parks are quite comfortable!

RV resorts are popping up everywhere and typically represent campgrounds that are well developed with details such as cement slabs at the campsite, paved roads, lots of recreation, a nice central lodge and more.

Full-Time RV Camping

driving away in your camping rvThe largest population of full-time RV campers is retired couples who want to see North America in their home on wheels. These full-time RV campers tend to travel in style – their RVs costing well over $100,000 in many cases.  Sometimes the transition into full-time RVing means selling a home, starting to draw retirement income or finding ways to begin work-camping to finance the dream.

Another smaller population of full time RV campers are younger campers, sometimes families, who travel in their RV because of rapidly changing work locations or just because they love the freedom. In many cases you can find families full-timing who home school their children out of the RV – also affectionately called “road-schooling”.

Full-timers young and old need to consider details such as mail forwarding services (the Escapees full-timers club offers this service, and is endorsed by Woodall’s) and how they will pay for the long-term experience. But one thing is for sure, talk to any full-time RVer and they will tell you that camping is more than just a hobby – the freedom they experience living a life on the road is something that they won’t soon give up.

Of course, this list surely didn’t cover every type of camper, but one thing is clear – camping enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes, ages and lifestyles can enjoy the common bond of the great outdoors.  From the remarkable redwood forest of Northern California and the serene Great Lakes of Michigan – the great outdoors calls anyone who can enjoy its beauty.

Tell us what kind of camper you are! We at Woodall’s would love to hear from you.

Until next time,

Genevieve Branco, Woodall’s


2 Responses to “Go Camping! Why to Make Your Next Vacation a Camping Trip”
  1. We really love the camping tour and always enjoy. RV Camping has really great amenities, right now we are planning for trip to camping tour of New Zealand this will be our second tour of New Zealand.

    Best Regards,

  2. Debbie Block says:

    We’re in that last group – not quite retired, but living and working on the road. We love it. Great article. It seems to cover it all! One thing we truly love about the lifestyle is that one of the million dollar rigs may be parked next to a pop up camper and the people inside may become quick friends, some even keeping in touch over their separate travels with plans to reunite down the road somewhere. Like you said, the commonality rates higher than the income level and even the age differences that may exist. Love it!!

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