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Churchill Manitoba, the Ultimate Vacation!

May 18, 2010 by · 4 Comments 


I am a dreamer, and one of my dreams is to RV Canada. As I research my future trip I find places that seem so beyond anything I ever imagined. One such place is Churchill, Manitoba. I love the great outdoors, the artic port of Churchill in the northern region of the province has some of the most beautiful and unspoiled northern wilderness available. Churchill offers year round entertainment for those searching for great outdoor adventure. (Not to mention the mighty polar bears!)

Now if you know where Churchill, Manitoba is you are probably scratching your head and thinking, “But there aren’t any roads to Churchill, are there?” And, you would be right. I plan on visiting Thompson, Manitoba on my RV Canada vacation first. And, while I am there I plan on parking my RV for storage while I take the train to Churchill.  (I could fly to Churchill but that costs more and I like trains.)

In mid-March the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) dance across the sky for one of the best light shows on earth. The Aurora Winter Fest in Churchill is a wonderful celebration with dog sledding, log splitting, moose calling, snowshoe races, fireworks and the Northern Lights.

On July 1st each year, to celebrate Canada Day, the town of Churchill, Manitoba celebrates with “Dip Day.” This celebration includes a dip into the frigid waters of Hudson Bay (for anyone so inclined, not me), a parade and many other fun activities culminating with an evening of dancing and fireworks.

landscape near Churchill, Manitoba without snow.

Landscape near Churchill, Manitoba without snow.

Mid-June through August is their summer in Churchill and usually there is little to no snow on the ground at that time. The ice on Hudson Bay melts away and it is a great time to visit the historical sites in the area. Prince of Wales Fort is a massive stone fortification from the 18th –century when the French and English were in rivalry for control of the territory. Cape Merry is home to a stone battery dating back to 1746. The Eskimo Museum in Churchill is a must see. The museum has extensive collections of artifacts from the aboriginal heritage of the Inuit, Cree, Dene and Metis people who first settled the area.

The Wapusk National Park is an experience like none other. In Cree Wapusk means “White Bear.”  The park is well named; it protects one of the largest known polar bear maternity denning areas in the world. (Season for polar bears is October and November) The Wapusk National Park has limited visitor capacity and access to the park is through authorized commercial tour operators in Churchill.

This part of Manitoba is covered in snow ten months of the year and temperatures can be deadly cold for those not properly equipped. This RV Canada side trip to Churchill, Manitoba will definitely take a lot of planning. But, it will be worth the effort! I have always loved the polar bears in the zoo; I can hardly wait to see them in their natural habitat.


4 Responses to “Churchill Manitoba, the Ultimate Vacation!”
  1. June says:

    Churchill, Manitoba sounds like quite an adventure. I would be interested in hearing more about your trip after you have completed it. I’m sure seeing the polar bears would be the thrill of a lifetime but I’m not so sure I would want to swim in the frigid water, even if the bears are out of the area. I have seen pictures of winter in Churchill and how the bears come into the town looking for handouts!
    If you’re a lover of bears then you really should consider taking your RV to Alberta and Waterton International Peace Park. We saw a mother grizzley bear and her two cubs in the town picnic area. The people had all left for the day. It was evening and a gentle rain was falling. We watched them from a distance. There is a nice campground, Waterton Townsite and I recommend reservations as soon as they begin taking them in May.
    Safe travels. June

  2. RA Manseau says:

    June, That sounds great! I will definitely put that on my list. I do love bears, at a distance of course.

  3. Jean Baker says:

    I would also love the Churchill trip…but I would be concerned that a weather temperature drop would freeze my camper lines unless I had them prepared for freezing temperatures. Would make me learn more about their weather and choose a time when the likelyhood of low temps would be low, but the chance of bears was high. I wonder what time of year that would be?

  4. Dirk Emde says:

    Sounds good.

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