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The Three Puppies Hike in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, MN

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Annie here again. Last summer my mom, dad and Ryan, who was 17, planned a camping trip up to Minnesota to hike in a place called the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. I was excited because the puppies and I got to come along and it sounded like a nice wild place. We were planning to climb to the highest point in Minnesota, Eagle Mountain.

On the shores of Lake Superior

Mom, Molly and I on the shore of Lake Superior

My mom had reserved a campsite for us in the Temperance River State Park Campground which sat right on the shores of Lake Superior. After mom, dad and Ryan set up the camper, mom made a stew that smelled really yummy which we didn’t get to eat, then we all went for a walk along the lakeshore. We got to stick our feet in and drink some of the cold, clear water. Then we headed back to the camper and turned in because we wanted to get up early for our hike the next day.

At the entrance to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Mom, Molly and I at the entrace to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area

We got an early start the next morning and were on the trail before 6:30. The puppies and I were excited because we got to come along! Each of our humans took one of our leashes: I was with dad, Jack was with Ryan (they’re pretty close anyway) and Molly was with mom.

We hiked for awhile, then we spotted a pretty lake. We could hear a bird calling over the lake; my mom said it was a loon and that the lake was called Whale Lake. At this point we couldn’t see any other people around. It seemed like we had all these acres of wilderness to ourselves. Ryan and Jack took off ahead as they often do and the rest of us hiked along at a comfortable pace.

Eagle Mtn Trail sign

Eagle Mountain Trail Sign--where Ryan went wrong!

Pretty soon we had to turn off onto a trail for Eagle Mtn. and we started climbing and climbing up. When we stopped climbing, we hiked on a bit further, then we came to the highpoint marker, telling us we had reached the top of Eagle Mtn. But Ryan and Jack were no where to be found. I could tell mom and dad were really worried. They tried calling and texting him on his cell phone because he had it with him but they just couldn’t get through.

At the top!

Dad, Molly and I at the summit of Eagle Mountain

After taking a few quick pictures, we started down. Mom and dad were calling out Ryan’s name as we walked, but he didn’t answer. When we got to the bottom and reached the first trail, we noticed that something called the “Brule Lake Trail” continued on the way we had been heading and mom and dad decided to split up. Mom and Molly headed back to the parking lot in case Ryan and Jack headed back there. Dad and I headed down the new trail. All the way we were calling Ryan’s name.

After what seemed like a long time Dad and I would hear Ryan’s voice. Pretty soon we saw him and Jack walking down the trail. Dad asked him to try to send mom a text so he sent her the message, “I am with dad.” She called him then and I would hear her voice even though I was far away from the phone. She sounded very happy!

Back at the trailheadBut Ryan still hadn’t made it to the top of the mountain. So we got to go up again! I’m always ready for a hike and was happy we had further to go!Ryan texted mom that we were going to summit Eagle Mtn. again so he could say he completed it. Mom and Molly waited for us by the car. When we finally came down and reached the parking lot at the trailhead, mom ran over to Ryan and gave him a big hug. She was very happy to see all of us. What an exciting day! Check out the Woodalls website to learn more about Minnesota camping and things to do in Minnesota.

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