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Gr8LakesCamper: Introductions & Whatnot

Hello fellow RVers, and welcome to Gr8LakesCamper! Gr8LakesCamper celebrates the world of RV camping in the Midwest — you know, that mostly flat part of the U.S. with a three-week camping  season. Actually, if that’s your impression of the Midwest, then hopefully Gr8LakesCamper will enlighten you on all the Midwest has to offer. First and…

Solar panels: Difference between winter and summer

By Bob Difley The last remaining snowbirds, except for the hardy “desert rats” that won’t head north until successive days of 100-degree plus temps have turned them into brown lizards, have finally started their migration north to the cooler forests of the northern states and Canada. But Boondocking in the national and state forests presents…

Fire Safety In Your RV

There isn’t anything that can ruin your vacation faster then a fire. The devastation a fire can be catastrophic. In addition to causing an out of control wildfire, there is the potential for loss of life and property. Smoke and CO Detectors Most people make sure they have working smoke detectors in their home. Do…