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Camping With Friends — Joining a Club or Attending a Rally

April 27, 2010 by · 1 Comment 


All of my fellow Woodall’s Blog writers have spent a considerable amount of time writing about the pleasures of camping with family – our children or grandchildren in particular.  Another pleasure often associated with camping is spending time with friends.

For the past several days we have been parked at Rockahock RV Resort, a beautiful waterfront campground in Lexana, VA, with fourteen other Cedar Creek RVs and their owners enjoying great food, friendship and stories around the nightly campfire.  We are all part of what is commonly called a “Rally”.

A RV rally is simply a group of folks with similar interest, in this case the owners of a certain brand of RV, gathering together for anything from a few days to a week or longer for no other reason than to spend time together and have fun.  Truthfully, the particular brand of RV that has brought us together for this gathering has nothing to do with the friendships we develop at these gatherings.

The Waterfront at Rockahock RV Resort and Campground.

Some of units gathered at this rally have come from Canada, Nevada, California, Delaware, South Carolina, Tennessee and Kentucky.  The list of locations is actually much longer, but space on the blog limits listing all of the locations.

What is neat is that Nancy and I had no idea these people even existed nor had the opportunity to meet them until we attended our first CCRVOC rally a Willow Tree Resort near Myrtle Beach, SC, last year.  Now, we consider all of them special friends that we enjoy spending time with.

You may be wondering how in the world did we ever find this group, or club, and become a part of it?

One of three rows of Cedar Creek RVs gathered together for a rally.

It is actually very easy.   If you notice a group of several campers gathered together when you are out camping drop by and find out who they are.  You will most likely discover an extremely cordial and welcoming crowd that will share with you everything you ever wanted to know about clubs and rallies.  In fact, you will probably leave with an invitation to join them on their next rally outing.

Most localities have a chapter of the world’s largest RV club – The Good Sam Club.  You can find local chapters on the Good Sam web site.  These clubs hold monthly gatherings throughout the year, even in the colder non-camping months we experience in our area of the country.  Gatherings at local restaurants generally fill the fall to spring gap.  There is usually a statewide Samboree held at least once, sometimes twice a year.  These events are listed in Highways magazine, the monthly publication of the Good Sam Club.

Campfire gatherings are a major part of group camping evnts.

You may also want to do an Internet search on a particular brand of RV to see if there are any clubs associated with the make of RV you may own, which is what I did when I found the Cedar Creek RV Owner’s Club after Nancy and I bought our Creek.  Quite often camping clubs or groups are formed with nothing more in common than the love to travel, camp and enjoy the company of others.

You do not really have to belong to a club to attend a RV Rally.  The largest RV Rally in the United States is being held in Louisville, KY this summer – July 22nd thru the 25thThe Rally is so large that it will be impossible to see all that is available during the time we will spend there.  Thousands of RV’ers with a common interest in camping will come together for several days of festivities, entertainment, exhibits, tours and campfire gatherings that will surpass any group camping experience imaginable.  Even if you do not come to a rally with friends, you will leave with friendships that will not likely be forgotten.

While not the best activity for someone on a diet, group meal gatherings for good food and drink are common events.

One last thought.  These folks come from all walks of life.  Many are people that you would most likely never have the opportunity to meet or spend time with in everyday life.  They are some of the nicest and most caring people that you may ever encounter.  The friendships we have developed and nurtured through camping, rallies and clubs constitute some of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences we have shared with others.

URL’s for refrenced sites (Point and Left Click or cut and paste into your browser):

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One Response to “Camping With Friends — Joining a Club or Attending a Rally”
  1. Genevieve says:

    Great post, Randy! We should let all our readers know too that Woodall’s supports rallies and events by donating door prizes! Also, if any club is interested in telling us about their group or club, we would love to hear it! All they have to do is write a guest blog post and tell us about the group and some fun things they do or have done.

    Genevieve, Woodall’s Marketing

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