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AIG’s Creation Museum creates a great destination

April 23, 2010 by · 4 Comments 


Last week, we stopped by the new Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY(just a few minutes out of Cincinnati).  Opened in 2007, the $27 million museum is a family-friendly work of art. Designed to appeal to both children and adults, the museum has a little bit of everything from hands-on children’s exhibits to a walk-thru history (literally).
botanical groundsOur family enjoyed a stroll over their landscaped grounds, taking a stop in the on site petting zoo which features animals like a wallaby, and our favorite, a miniature donkey.  The botanical gardens are blanketed in beautiful blossoms, flowering shrubs, and tranquil ponds.  The kids enjoyed feeding the decorative goldfish and the eager sunfish (don’t forget your quarters).  As the weather warms, the grounds will be home to thousands of butterflies returning from their winter in the south.
T-Rex sculptureInside the 70,000 foot museum, you will find yourself whisked back to Bible times and dragon days.  There is the Dinosaur Den which gives us a glimpse of what some of the different dinosaurs might have looked through full-size sculptures.  I love how the museum features a medieval decor, including castle walls and knight themed decorations.   The Walk thru Bible History is a beautiful area of the museum that chronicles the biblical account of creation.  We also enjoyed the Noah’s Ark Construction Site, including an animated Noah.  Our kids really enjoyed all the life-sized dinosaurs and animated characters that were throughout the museum helping the displays come to life.  
There is a planetarium which offers 2 different presentations about space; since seating is limited, you will want to have your tickets printed as soon as you arrive.  The planetarium is free with your admission, but the showings do fill up when the museum is busy.  The museum also features a special effects theatre with rumbling seats and misty sprays.  And, be sure to check out the museums calendar; they feature different activities and special events every day.
museum exhibit Located just minutes from Cincinnati, the museum’s location is easily accessible, and is an easy weekend destination for much of the east coast. There are numerous campgrounds nearby, and a Woodall’s Campground searchcan help you find the one perfect for your family. The museum is exceptionally clean and uncluttered, well-planned, and family-friendly.  It does not dumb everything down like some children’s museums, yet the younger kids were enthralled with the exhibits while my older crowd found tons of interesting information.  We enjoyed our visit so much that our ‘stop by’ turned into 2 full days!  With uber-friendly staffing, on-site food venues, and grounds beckoning exploration, the Creation Museum is an excellent all-day (or multiple day) destination for your family!


4 Responses to “AIG’s Creation Museum creates a great destination”
  1. George Punches says:

    Thanks for putting the article about the Creation Museum in the blog. This is a great museum and some may not think it PC, but I do and it’s nice to have some guts to show what the Biblical explanation of our planet is about. thanks again.


  2. Randy Lifshotz says:

    I didn’t know Woodalls to be a faith-based organization.

  3. Randy Lifshotz says:

    Guts to show the biblical explanation of our planet?!?!
    How about guts to show truth about our planet regarless of the biblical explanation, lore and other mythology.

  4. Hi Randy~

    Woodall’s is not a faith-based organization, nor do we wish to portray ourselves as one. We published the above blog article to highlight a fun, family activity out on the road. The blog article above does not argue the validity of any position. Its purpose is merely to highlight the museum. Though you may not agree with the ideolgy behind the museum, there are Woodall’s readers who benefited from this post, and were excited to know that such an attraction exists.

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