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The Three Puppies Tour Boston

March 14, 2010 by · 3 Comments 


Hi, my name is Annie. I’m an English Cocker Spaniel and I am a member of the Berry family. Last summer, my people took me and my two “kids”, Jack and Molly, on a long vacation in our camper. It was a lot of fun! So many sights and sounds and smells! We were in heaven! Jack and Molly had to sleep in their kennel, but I got to sleep with my people because I’m older. I took turns sleeping with mom and dad, then the kids, often in the same night. It was great fun!

Camping near BostonOne of our favorite parts of the trip was a day trip we took into a city called Boston. We all got up early so we could get to the city by 7a.m. so we could get a spot in the downtown parking garage. It was right near one of the most magical places on earth: a giant green space called Boston Common. Right in the middle of the city, it was filled with trees, grass, benches, and yummy things to eat. All around the outside of this big park people were selling food! There were hot dogs, pretzels all kinds of foods and snacks. We spent some time walking around the Common before moving on to the rest of the city. My people were well-prepared with leashes for each of us and a whole box of sandwich bags to pick up anything we left on the footpath. They also brought along a collapsible bowl they could fill with water from a drinking fountain when we got thirsty. They took good care of us.

Near the Old North ChurchAfter we spent some time investigating the Common, we stopped into the Visitor Center just down the street to pick up a map of something called the “Freedom Trail.” This turned out to be a delightful walk all around the city. We saw lots of different things: Paul Revere’s House, something called the “Old North Church,” several cemeteries containing graves of some people my family seemed to have heard of: Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Adams and several others. One of our favorite stops was at a place called Faneuil Hall, where there were lots and lots of things for sale: foods, drinks, clothing, souvenirs, lots of neat things to see and to buy. I heard my people saying that famous politicians used to speak at this place and that several important speeches were made right there. While we were visiting there was a group of dancers and musicians performing. It was quite exciting!

At Paul Revere's House

The puppies and family at Paul Revere's House

One of the best parts of the trip was all of the attention we got from people we had never met before. Many people were surprised to see the three of us touring Boston and stopped to pet us and talk to us. After we had walked around for a long time, we stopped and had lunch at a place called Durgin Park. I heard my mom say that the waitresses were supposed to be really rude and that’s what made people come there, but they were really nice to us. They had outside seating, right in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, so our family sat at an outside table and Jack, Molly and I got to sit just across the rope barrier so they could still pet us.

At Durgin Park

The puppies and family eating lunch at Durgin Park

The waitresses brought us water and our family fed us French fries while they were eating their meal. My family made sure to pick up any messes we made and to keep us from getting in people’s way, but many just seemed to want to pet us. All in all, it was one of our best days ever! I love Boston! For more ideas on Massachusetts camping vacations, browse Woodall’s listings of Massachusetts camping.


3 Responses to “The Three Puppies Tour Boston”
  1. Heather says:

    We too travel with our four legged “pet” (she is definitely one of our kids!). It is interesting what the different camp grounds offer for your pets. We went to a camp ground in Washington D.C. that had a person that you could hire to come to your camper and take your dog for a walk while you are out sight seeing. This was a wonderful option that we took full advantage of! We went to Disney’s Fort Wilderness a couple months ago for spring break and was very disappointed. I had made reservations for the week at their kennel. The first day my dog went right in. The second day my dog drag me out of the building and she never drags me. When we picked her up (early) I went back to get her. They had plastic cages stacked. Mind you my dog hates cages. I had signed her up for extra walks. They would “walk” the dogs in this small fenced in area with their leashes on. I cancelled my reservations for the rest of the week! We just came back early and walked her and then would go out to dinner. In their defense they said they took over what Disney had and were building a new building with indoor/outdoor runs.
    When we went to Virginia I did my homework and found a doggy daycare close by. Our dog played outside with a bunch of other dogs and then had quiet time in a kennel which she was fine with because she was so tired. She got excited every time we drove up the driveway.
    We also took her to the Grand Canyon. We bought her a jacket that you soaked in water and then put on her. Being a black lab we were concerned about her in the desert in July. She did great except her paws. We stayed on the paved path which was very hot and burned her feet a little. Had I thought of that I would have bought her booties.
    Our dog loves RVing with us. We take our WHOLE family!

  2. Michael says:

    I happened upon your blog looking for a campsite to visit with my 3 yr old. The photo of the campsite is exactly what I am looking for. Would you mind telling me where it is and the name? Thanks

  3. Diane Berry says:

    Hi Michael–We stayed at the Minuteman RV Park and Campground. I believe it was in Littleton, MA, about 45 minutes north of Boston. The staff was wonderful! As we were leaving a family member (of theirs) had headed out of state and she called back to the park, knowing several of us were leaving that day, to report a large accident that left the interstate we were planning on taking essentially a parking lot! The staff stepped up and re-routed us around the accident, avoiding any delay! I can’t say enough about them. Enjoy!

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