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Experience the area…

March 19, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 


When planning a trip to somewhere new, we always try to get a copy of the state’s travel guide for ideas on what activities are available during the time we will be there.  While we always do a little internet research on attractions in an area that we’re headed to, we have also found it helpful to be flexible in our plans.   When we arrive in an area, we start asking the locals (at the fuel station, laundry mat, park owners…) what are the best things to see, what local ‘experiences’ are must dos.  This has helped us find some fun family outings that we may have missed otherwise.
One of the things that we like best about traveling, is being able to try new activities that may not be available at home.  Before our month on the Oregon coast, we had never even heard of sandboarding!  Now, it is one of my kids fav. sports, and they are excited whenever we are camping near sand dunes. 
boy sandboardingWe first came across sandboarding while we were checking out the crabbing and clamming in Florence OR.  We drove by Sand Master Park on our way into Florence, and the kids were anxious to at least check it out. Vaughn took the kids down to the park to rent a board and try it; they tried it, and promptly went back to rent 4 more!    There are miles of excellent public dunes along the coast (but you’ll want to stay clear of the dune buggy areas if you are on foot), and the Sand Master Park has 40 acres of private dunes that you can use for free with a rental, or for a $5 parking fee if you have your own equipment.  The kids, and Dad, all had a great time trying this great sport, but we never would have had the opportunity to do if it were not for the travel that having an r.v. allows us to do!    

girl giving 'thumbs up' after a sandboard run

Hannah REALLY likes to sandboard ;)

While sandboarding wasn’t initially on our ‘must do’ list, it ended up being a highlight of the coast!  If you have never been to the Oregon coast, you may want to consider a trip to this incredibly diverse area.  There is so much to do along the entire length of the coast, from crabbing, clamming, and tidepooling, to sandboarding and dune riding.  So, make those r.v. park reservations, pack up the toys (and boards), and get out there to experience and explore new destinations!

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