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Potty Talk

March 29, 2010 by · 4 Comments 


      Even before I started working on the different categories from my list, the thing that has been on my mind most is needs in the bathroom.  There, I said it.  Southern ladies usually don’t talk about things like that in public, much less on the World Wide Web, but it has to be addressed.

  Because we are new to camping, we will definitely be staying at campgrounds with bathhouses.  What keeps coming to the forefront of my mind is, “What am I going to do in the middle of the night?”  In the middle of the night I can count on at least one trip to the potty.  I am sure some of you out there can relate.  In my very first post I mentioned the Cub Scout outings  we participated in.  In the middle of the night I would wake up needing to visit the ladies’ room.  On one particular trip it was quite a hike to the bathhouse from where our site was, so about half way there I was sprinting to make it in time. 

     To help prevent a repeat of that nearly disastrous experience, I really, really, really want a portable potty to take camping.  I am leaning toward a very basic model that doesn’t even flush like the ones from Coleman.   I figure that the less parts there are, the less there is that can go wrong, and the price is not bad, which should satisfy my frugal husband.

     My next question was, “What am I going to do for privacy?”  Obviously, we don’t want a portable toilet in our tent. I had been really considering buying a small two- man tent to house the toilet.  I thought we could set it up next to the tent we sleep in, so I wouldn’t have far to go in the middle of the night.  That was my plan, until yesterday when we took a trip to our local Bass Pro Shop.  It was there that I saw exactly what we need.  It is their new Portable Camp Shower/Toilet Shelter.  Something that serves two purposes is sure to make Mr. Frugal happy!  It looks like it is easy to put up and take down, so it is definitely on my list.

     That’s enough “potty talk”.  Let me move on to something almost as important, and that is showering.  I know some people really rough it when they camp, and they are probably thinking “Shower?  What shower?”  Well, if we are going to spend more than one night away from home, we have to bathe, so I have been thinking about how we will handle showers. 

     I usually pack our whole family’s toiletries together when we go on a trip, but when we are camping, I think we will each need our own bag for toiletries, washcloths, and towels.  I got a great idea for how to pack this from Pete’s Family Camping Website.  I will pack a small duffel bag for each family member that will be used exclusively in the bathhouse.  These can be packed inside of the larger duffel bags that will hold our clothes.  One thing I have read many places is that we definitely need to take shoes for the shower.  We wouldn’t want to return from a delightful weekend of camping with a foot fungus!  I don’t want to spray down the shower stall with bleach before I use it, so I think flip-flops will get the job done.

     Thank you for sharing this process of camping with me.  If you have experience camping, and you know I am forgetting something major, please help me.  As I have said before…..I need all of the help I can get!



4 Responses to “Potty Talk”
  1. Professor95 says:

    Hi Donna!

    I’ve been down the same road as “how to potty” when camping or out on our boat without self contained facilities. We found the major issue with bucket style potties was the need for daily waste disposal and cleaning the bucket. Non-leak plastic bags as liners were often used to help avoid cleaning. At least the self contained Coleman type potties will allow you to hold your waste for several days – or longer . If no disposal facility is available, you can even take it home to your porcelain potty..

    As for bath houses we would collect Motel soaps and shampoos when ever possible. They were the perfect size and if someone forgot to bring them back nothing valuable was lost.

    Great post! I commend you for breaking a Southern Lady’s tradition and bringing bathroom talk to the top of the list.


  2. Donna Carol says:

    Thank you Professor! The hotel sized toiletries are a great idea, and I honestly had not thought about having to dump the waste. Considering that, it might be better to spend twice as much and get a self-contained Coleman potty! For our short camping trips, I could take care of the waste when we get home.

  3. I had had to share this story with you. It happened to two of our friends a couple of years ago. Husband and wife.

    As we were leaving our campsite, the couple hooked up their trailer. The wife decided she would take a potty break before they hit the road. The husband thought she was already in the truck, fired the truck up, and down the road he went. She was quite shocked to feel the movement of the trailer and was being tossed around pretty good on the potty.

    Suddenly her husband realized she was not in the truck and jammed on the brakes, which jolted her again. When he got out of the truck, she was yelling “Help, Help!!!”

    Needless to say we all had a good laugh…..

  4. William Weed says:

    As I was reading the article, I began thinking I’ve seen a shower curtain somewhere for camping. But you got the idea anyway. If you ever upgrade to a bathroom camper, remember it is important how big the bath room, toilet area is. Our first travel trailer had a very small toilet area and it drove our family crazy. We couldn’t close the door so we put a curtain across the walk way and got privacy that way. We just upgraded to a larger unit and you got it, the bath room toilet area was one of the main points of interest. Just a thought for the future.

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