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Rainy day blues? Let the Games Begin! Rainy Day Camping Activities

February 12, 2010 by · 5 Comments 


Camped at Quartzsite, AZ, we are patiently sitting out a refreshing afternoon rain.  We enjoy an occasional shower now and again, but Arizona seems to have had more than their share lately.  Due to a little preparation though, being cooped up in the camper has been a great part of our camping trip!  With all this rain during the past couple of weeks, we have made use of a few of our ‘rainy day activities’; some are things that we have set aside just for a stay-inside day, while others are past-times that lately we haven’t had a chance to slow down and enjoy.

boy playing game

Jake plays a game on his bunk

This morning was a little overcast and chilly, so we took the opportunity to get some extra schoolwork done.  This afternoon, some of the kids have pulled out their digital readers and are lounged on their beds enjoying a good book.  Other kids are playing a board game, and our 2 and 4 y.o. girls are tackling Daddy while he tries, in vain, to nap. 
During down times like today, we also may draw up a few old-fashioned games like dots & lines, or hangman – these need nothing other than a piece of paper and a pencil,  (you can find some great paper game ideas here, and they are great for travel time too).  Other rainy day activities that we like are baking (like boxed brownies or packaged/refrigerated cookies) – especially if it is chilly out, and sometimes the kids will find something quiet to do (like knitting, origami, making toppling  dominoe lines, or a quiet 1 person game) while one of us reads a book aloud.  Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson make great camping read-alouds!   I also keep some other activities on hand like compact games (such as bananagrams) and activity books with those cute little markers or twistable crayons.  Even though these are accessible any time, they often come out on days such as this.  Once, when cabin fever was threatening, the rioting resulted in an all-out pillow fight!

kids playing a card game

Joel, Beth, and Daniel try out Sorry Revenge (with a little help from Molly!)

Occasionally, on rainy days, we will make some popcorn, the t.v. will come on, and we will watch a family movie.  But most times we have a family game fest.  Some of our favorite card games (to date) are: Canasta, Uno, Dutch Blitz, and Spoons, all of which lend themselves to a span of ages.  I stock up on new games when I find them on sale or clearance, and keep the stash of them secreted away in the camper for a rainy day trial.  Our main prerequisites for game admission into the r.v. is that they must be compact and lightweight, which is why we favor card games.

By the time that the wind and the rains have passed and the campground smells wonderfully fresh and clean, my clan is ready for some outside physical exercise.  Rain days maybe not as exciting as riding quads or kayaking rapids or visiting a zoo, but still a memorable part of our r.v. excursions, just as making s’mores is.  Personally, rainy afternoons are one of my favorite times; a time to slow down and focus on spending time enjoying each others company.  Like now.  It is time for me to turn off the phones and computer, change into some comfy ‘home’ clothes, dig deep in the cupboards for a special treat, and find the Sorry Revenge cards in my stash.  Let the games begin!

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5 Responses to “Rainy day blues? Let the Games Begin! Rainy Day Camping Activities”
  1. Diane Berry says:

    I can relate. We spent a very rainy week camping near Boston and the games were a lifesaver! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Suzanne says:

    As an adventurous person, I spent most of time doing camping together with my family.I’ve experience being in the rain at the middle of the camping and for me it was still exciting .For me,that is the moment where I could have a bond with my family inside the tent like chatting and doing some card games.Still enjoyable!

  3. Nikki says:

    I appreciated the post.I’ve been into a camping before but I have not enjoyed the activity since it was a rainy day.Thank you for this post!This tips will help me as guide what to do if we will be stranded by a rain during camping especially I have my kids together with me.

  4. carolyn says:

    I never been into a camping that ends up to be a rainy day blues.I’m thinking of what might be feeling,thinking if i would still be enjoying camping with rainy days.Just need to be prepared if this might be happening.Now,I have an idea on how to do some activities during rainy days camping.

  5. dan says:

    Great to hear a tips during a rainy day camping activity.Though I have not been into a kind of situation yet I always do camping but good thing is its always summer here in our place.I’m thinking this would be another great experience of camping if I’ll experience camping during rainy days!

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